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I was all excited about seeing people this past week, not thinking that everyone would have conflicting subject-to-change schedules. I miss back in the day when we would just call someone up and make plans and that was that, aided by the fact that we all lived in the same town and had approximately the same schedules. Ultimately i decided to just go with the flow, and i did end up seeing a good number of people and having a good amount of fun.

Sunday night: dinner and Van Helsing with azdback

Monday night: Mickey Mouse Monopoly with hedy and speacechilde

Tuesday night: dinner with lilithchilde

Wednesday night i managed to watch most of Angel in my own living room.


I burnt my thumb on my bagel -- not the toaster, but the freshly toasted bagel -- in the morning, but the day picked up from there.

I chatted with the housekeeper about reunion. Class of 1939 was going to be staying in our house. She talked about the elderly ladies she has met through reunion. Drunk at 10am, offering her a drink, fighting with each other (“Does this color look good on me? My roommate says it sucks.”), can drink you under the table. She also talked abut graduates she knew. Class of 1976 one girl from Northampton married a prince from Arabia.

Counted money with Stacey in the morning. She called me on Wednesday to reschedule from 10am to 8:30am. “Does that squish your schedule? ... Or does that just make you wake up.” Yeah, it makes me wake up. But i love Stacey that much. I would honestly do this out of the goodness of my heart, though i’m not turning down the money at all of course.

We never did play pool this semester. We would have this weekend, but she was recovering from a bike accident injury. Definitely this fall.

Had lunch with starbuckle at Sylvester’s. We met crossing the street and i was rather impressed that she recognized me, and at a bit of a distance, too. Though i was the only new girl that night, so everyone else was at advantage while i had to learn 5 new people. I felt like a dork ordering the “Smithie’s Favorite” but hey, grilled cheese with pesto, tomato, and spinach, that’s yummy. She appreciated my coming out to where i actually had to spend money. I like when people get that this is a big deal for me :) Definitely look forward to seeing more of her next year.

Is something of a paradigm shift that my group of friends is tilting toward being a group of grown-ups: mid-20s and older, career track jobs, living on their own, etc.

Saw Van Helsing for the second time, this time with speacechilde, that night. Enjoyed it even more the second time through. Gillian and i talked back and forth a good amount, though i didn’t think we were that loud. The guy sitting two seats over from us, on his way out during the credits, said, “Thank you for talking through the whole movie.” “Sorry,” i said, automatically, and because i know what it’s like to have people talking while you’re watching something for the first time. Gillian told me later that if i hadn’t said anything she would have said, chipper, “You’re welcome,” because where does he get off being all passive-aggressive morally superior, why didn’t he just tell us to shut up early on. This is a good point.

The trailers for Riddick make me think of S5 Angel -- fighting evil with not good but rather with a different kind of evil; “Are you going to fight the monsters?” “I am the monster.”

Friday i had tea at Woodstar Café with holdenrevisited. Yes we did manage to recognize each other. She’s very cool and we should definitely hang out more. We agreed that more people on our f’lists definitely need to rec stuff that isn’t Harry Potter, and i possibly need to meet wildgreentide ‘cause yay more Whedonverse fans. Oh, holdenrevisited, the Whedonverse archive of archives is here. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?

Speaking of fic.... anyone interested in participating in Whedonverse ficathons should check out hello_fic_now/baficathon like whoa. There’s also anniesj’s The Day After Tomorrow fic challenge (place characters from the fandom of your choice in the apocalyptic world of The Day After Tomorrow), submissions due by the time the movoe comes out (May 28). Oh, and there’s sandman100 for anyone interested. And then there’s the Ficfeedbackathon. bookishwench says: "Here, you won't be writing a fic and having one written to your specifications. Instead, you'll be reading fics and responding with feedback, and getting the same thing in return." And lastly, today’s the last day to sign up for the multifandom hometown fic challenge: place characters from the non-Whedonverse fandom of your choice in the real life place of your choice.

Had dinner with athene and lordaerith before going to Troy.

"would you like to see troy? i promise to be loud and obnoxious and complain the whole time :)"
She was really rather good while the movie was playing, though of course talked nonstop after it was over. I’ll talk about it later, but classics has links to lots of reviews if anyone wants commentary from people who really know The Iliad. I definitely need to (re)read The Iliad. athene: remind me who did the translation you recommended? Oh, and was Witches Abroad the Terry Pratchett book you said is about the power of the story?

Brad Pitt = Curt Hennig (WWF: Mr. Perfect) liek whoa. (Oh, ye olde days.)

Also, there are pieces of a Troy score-that-could-have-been here. (Click News, then The Score for Troy. Hat tip phoenixchilde.)

The Spiderman 2 trailer reminded of The Rift i hear is happening with Clark and Lex in Smallville currently.

Met a couple of A&J’s friends at the theater and then went out to the Route 9 Diner after the movie, which was fun. Yay good times with people.

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