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I finished the Frankenstein reading assignment for Tuesday. 12 chapters. Let's not talk about how many hours (approx. 5) that took. Much earlier today i finished the grammar review quiz, so i now have 2 Tuesday assignments done.

Weeks ago, Nicole told me i made little enough that i could file using a 1040EZ, so i got that form from the library and finally finished filling it out today--all by myself; who says i have no real world skills? (Though i still need to learn how to work a can opener.) The federal government will be sending me $59.31. I wish they would just not take it out in the first place. Filing is a hassle, and while some people like getting a check from the government, it's just my money that i'm getting back, so i'm less than thrilled. I also paid my phone bill and purchased a really cool bag from GFLA. Yes, i'm a sucker for bags.

from the last QST paper i handed in: "This is a thoughtful + interesting response --- the kind I have come to expect from you." :)

I found the Buffy article i forgot to bookmark! Huzzah. (I thought i had found it on slayage.com, but when i went there to look for it i couldn't find it, so i had to scour my History--all the way back to Monday--, but i found it.) Yes, i definitely identify heavily with this article, and no, i won't bore you with a list of qualifiers.

Our take-home grammar review consisted of writing sentences containing specific errors. I frequently did Google searches since the grammar book was less than helpful. In my search for misplaced modifier, i found this page. The part that made me laugh out loud was this:

Lots of people mentioned the common North American highway caution sign, Slow Children Playing. Joe and Mary Gilliland pointed out that it raised the question, "where do intelligent children play?" for which the answer had to be, "not in the street". Jim Blue felt it implied that "faster children can fend for themselves". Terri Davies mentioned the common British equivalent of: Slow Children Crossing, which reminds me of the old P G Wodehouse gag about "the pace that kills" in truth being a quiet amble across a busy street.
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