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i'm just a fountain of pop culture this weekend

So i got my hair cut yesterday and it was not traumatic. It's a bit shorter than i had intended (my hair goes just below my ears) but it'll grow and i like it.

I figured out who my haircut reminds me of when i look at myself in the mirror. Buffy in the play in Willow's dream in "Restless." Yes, this is only because i saw that episode last Sunday. I also am reminded a little of Ramona. But mostly black-haired Buffy.

I went to church this morning, and numerous people complimented me on the haircut. Shannon said i was brave. :) I got at least 10 inches cut off, so i'm, sending it to Locks Of Love.

After my last post i decided to do some tour searching.

I learned that the Indigo Girls will be performing in Northampton September 17 (that's a Tuesday -- someone tell me Buffy Season 7 won't have started yet; taping episodes is such a hassle) at The Pines. (They'll also be at Brown, in Providence, that Friday.)

Antigone Rising, whom i think I remember hearing great stuff about from Melissa when she went to WAMfest, will be at Pearl Street September 21 (Saturday). Only $10. I'm so there. Oh, they'll also be in Cambridge, August 15, at TT The Bears, 10 Brookline Street.

Catie Curtis will be doing a free show Thursday, August 15, as part of the WBOS/Copley Summer Music Series in Boston. That's the same night as the Antigone Rising show in Cambridge. Here i learned that "The WBOS Summer Concerts at Copley run on Thursday nights from July 11th to August 22nd (except August 1st). Shows are FREE and begin at 5:30pm in front of historic Trinity Church in Copley Square Park." If the concert's that early i could probably still make the Antigone Rising show. Oh, i'm working 6-9 that night. Nevermind then. I've seen Catie Curtis live twice already, and i'm not a giant fan, so it's no big deal.

According to this i could see Melissa Ferrick for $20 at the MFA courtyard, Wednesday, August 28. I think i'll pass. [Also, who knew Boston had Bastille Day celebrations?]

According to this, Suzanne Vega will perform at the Friday, August 23, "free Copley Square Park summer series finale " and "will sing songs from her upcoming album, Songs in Red and Grey, due Sept. 25."

I really should stop and go finish my NYC trip post.

Anyone else i should look up next time i'm online?
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