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Have enjoyed straining my brain on theology posts from sk8eeyore while she was revising for her exams. I mean, i always love engaging with her theology posts (though i often feel a bit out of my depth since she’s actually studying this stuff and i’m just kinda jumping in) but it was rather intense doing something like a full term in just a few days.

Was at United for the first time since Spring Break this past Sunday. It is not my church. It really isn’t.

It’s very focused on Christianity, while First Churches is more about being good people. I much prefer First Churches’ focus, and not just because i’m unsure as to how much i actually identify as Christian.

Funny that i was thinking about how that focus on “being Christian” felt like a very individualistic exclusionary focus, in contrast to First Churches’ focus on engaging with everyone, because then the sermon was on the importance of being connected. Pastor Bill talked about the importance of spiritual, heart-to-heart, soul connection, how it’s more than emotional or sexual or intellectual connection. I would have been interested in how one discerns such a connection, how one knows it is different from other kinds of connections, what it entails exactly. But instead we got 4 metaphors from the Bible for connection. And each one gets elaborated so even the slow learners can get it, but then some of us fast learners doze off. There was the metaphor of the body, which is nothing new. And there was the flock of sheep, Jesus as shepherd, don’t be insulted at being called sheep. And i think there was the church as metaphor. I kinda feel like i woke up for bits of each of the four (we didn’t get an introductory bullet point list) but i definitely don’t remember what the fourth one was.

We sang “It Only Takes A Spark,” which i actually really like, and i was thinking “Sparks of hatred, fear, animosity, can also spread like wildfire.” It’s bad that being in a church would make me think that. They’re really not bad people at United; they’re just not my people.

George is looking at colleges. He’s on CollegeBoard.com and had a bunch of colleges and then looked at U. S. News and World Report’s top 50 colleges/universities in the country to see if there were any ones he should consider that he hadn’t already thought of. Just going by median SAT scores he made notes of which ones would be reaches and which ones safeties and also noted stuff like, since he’s a math/science kid the schools whose median maths were higher than the verbals. Good thinking. I forget sometimes how impressive it is that we can select out of the top schools in the country, we get so caught up in the minutia of the rankings and the minutia of GPAs and resumés once we get there. (The fact that the best and brightest contain *some* of the people i go to school with is of course a depressing tangent likely better left untouched.)

I took a practice GRE (library book, few years old; figure the test doesn’t change all that much). Got a 640 verbal, which made me sad until i saw that was 95th percentile. Definitely need to review stuff like fractions and basic geometry as i got a 540 math (49th percentile? ouch). I think once i review, though, i’ll be fine. Analytical made my brain hurt and i actually skipped 13 questions (yes, i did it in the allotted time) giving me a lovely 580 (55th percentile). Grr.

Called my Teen Voices supervisor on Monday re: schedule. Looks like i’ll be starting later in June than i had expected. There are 9 other interns and some of them actually have lives this summer. The fact that the Internet seems to like to eat correspondence between us makes me anxious.

When i told Michele where my internship was, she had a fit ‘cause one of the part-timers had just recommended that we get the magazine. I saw said part-timer on my way in to Boston on Tuesday (yay finding shoes at DSW) and we chatted about various things including the magazine, and she said Hope (ye olde children’s librarian) was hesitant to get Teen Voices because it’s too radical.

Now, i’ve been calling it my Smith Junior internship for a while, ‘cause hello predominantly female environment that’s all about female empowerment and suchlike. And then my mom got me a copy of the Fall 2003 issue (it comes out quarterly) and, big surprise, it’s liberal (they had an interview with Janeane Garofalo about the backlash from protesting the war). I wanna write letters about the stuff, but that’s lame ‘cause i’m gonna work there soon, but knowing that made me feel better ‘cause as an ed. asst. i have power. And lots of it is good stuff that i support, and they do have diversity of opinion about stuff. And it’s not like i’m surprised that it slants left.

But anyway, radical? Not exactly. My adolescence heavily contained zines. Lots of smash the system, subvert the system, turn the system inside out. Teen Voices is incredibly tame compared to the radicalism of some teenagers. Now i wanna talk to Hope about the magazine.

This week’s Newsweek informs me that The Land of the Lost was a 70s TV show. I totally remember it from my childhood, though, and i was born in 1983. Doing a search for the theme song informs me that there was a 1991 version, so my guess is that that’s what i saw.

Buffy makes #3 on TV Guide’s Top 25 Cult Shows.

fox1013 is writing Five Things That Never Happened at Bryn Mawr. This makes me want to write Five Things That Never Happened at Smith. hedy will probably make me write Five Things That Never Happened in my ‘wood.

phineasjones wrote a lovely Hermione/Ginny drabble: "Clean"

Much love to Franklin library for all 7 seasons of TNG on DVD. I grew up watching this show. Star Trek: The Next Generation means sitting in front of the TV at 7pm on Saturday nights with my mac&cheese shells. Though i barely remember Tasha Yar, which makes sense since the show started airing in 1987 when i was 4 years old. I was 9 when the show ended, so i’m not even sure how much i watched as first-run episodes. Yay for reruns. Am currently near the end of S1 on DVD. Oh, the sexual tension, especially at the beginning of the season. Also just interesting watching already knowing what happens later on -- watching how they introduce things/characters, watching the characters change, knowing what will become a big deal later and what won’t, etc.

It can be trippy watching their rhetoric sometimes, but i really admire the fact that they tackle big issues in the very first season and they’re so inventive with the variety of life forms so far removed from us that they come up with. Various godlike entities (i had thought there was just the Q, but they’ve done a number in just the first season) as well as just forms of life we wouldn’t think of as “life” at first glance (energy patterns and suchlike).

All this TNG-watching is bad for me getting the Whedonverse fic i owe written, of course, so i think this weekend will be heavy on the ficcing, lighting on the TNG-ing. At least it’s the only TV i’ll likely be watching this summer. Save CSI reruns. And maybe my not-so-secret-shame, though i keep lamenting how it’s gone downhill. Would be really interesting in someone writing a paper on the politics of the WWE. Not about the poor gender role modeling and suchlike (that already gets talked about quite enough) but stuff (my father called it “populism”) like the way they can talk about The Great American Bash and then in the next breath have the Texas businessman who made a killing on Wall Street and wants to beat up the lying WWE Champion because he (the champion) is a scuzzy Mexican.

The Day After Tomorrow comes out today. Apocafic master list here

Tales of the Slayers Ficathon Madness

"Family of slain teen seeks posthumous name change" (Thursday, May 27, 2004)
Posthumous name change to the slain MTF’s preferred name. I am impressed.

All you valley_slash people blur together on my friendspage ‘cause i can’t keep track of which icons are whose. Pick colors please? (Anyone else who isn’t already color-coded can also request coloration.)

-May 27, 2004

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