Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

OMWF songs are now stuck in my head.

Jonah and i went to Boston yesterday.

We started out just walking around the Public Gardens and talking for a long time. At one point we were gonna get on the Swan Boats but there was a plethora of small children so we decided to wait. We went and bought tickets later and were told we would have to wait, since we were the only person there. That was fine. Then it started to rain, so we decided to head to Au Bon Pain for lunch. It took us a long time to find the Arlington station again, and by this time it was raining heavily. Harvard Square’s Au Bon Pain is mostly outdoor tables, so we headed to Central Square. We went in the wrong direction at first when we left the station, though, so we had to turn back around. I saw a large crisp bolt of white lightning ahead and to our left, but Jonah didn’t notice it. The thunderclap that followed was one of those kind that’s loud and sharp and makes you nearly jump out of your skin. I was rather expecting it because of the lightning, so i got to laugh at Jonah.

Around this time, the rain turned vertical. It felt like hail. It also reminded me of the ocean, with the water blowing into your nostrils. I actually like storms, in a sick sort of way. (I was so very very glad that i had gotten new shoes, because my old dead ones so would not have held up.) Thankfully Jonah didn’t really mind the weather too much. I was wearing my "smart is sexy" t-shirt and it was definitely plastered to me. It occurred to me about midway through our voyage through the storm that if i had put on my sweater over my t-shirt i probably would have been fine, but oh well. I wasn’t gonna put it on now that i was all wet, though, ‘cause that would be uncomfortable, and i would much rather look like a whore than be uncomfortable. I decided it was my gift to the people distressed by the storm :) and hey, it’s not like i took my shirt off.

Au Bon Pain was good as always, though they have few vegetarian sandwich options. I got a cinnamon bun, small fruit cup, and a large yogurt. Jonah ate the granola mix-in ‘cause i just wanted the yogurt and he said it was very good granola. The storm ceased and the sun came out while we were eating. We finally left Au Bon Pain at 4:10, at which point the Swan Boats were closed for the day, so we just walked around Central Square. St. Vincent de Paul seems to have vanished. We went to Salvation Army, though, and i got nearly brand new boots for $3. They go almost to my knees and satisfy my craving for hott boots. I would still like new ankle boots, though. (The two pairs i have are wearing out.) And i still want more pretty summer dresses, and i need an Ivy Day dress (read: white dress). Will go to the thrift store here probably next week. There must be other thrift stores in Boston, but i don’t know where they are. *looks at feminist_poet* After Salvation Army we walked to the pretty MIT place and sat there for a while before finally heading home.

We got the 6:15 commuter rail back and went to my house for dinner. Then we watched the Buffy musical (the one episode i have on tape) and i got Jonah sucked into wanting to watch Buffy because hello, that episode is awesome :)

Was muchly a good day. Yayness.

In other news, i called my internship supervisor this afternoon because yes i am persistent and conscientious. You know how everyone misspells my last name? Well since that’s the core of my e-mail address, that means sometimes people enter my e-mail into their system incorrectly. (Shouldn’t the e-mail then get bounced back to the person, though?) So now all is well and i have a training schedule (starting June 16). At some point (i think after training starts) i’ll have a regular work schedule.

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