Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Why did the chicken cross the road? feminist answers

why did the chicken cross the road?

catherine mackinnon: because he had been reading large quantities of pornography and had no control over his actions.

camille paglia: because the modern highway system is one of male civilization's greatest achievements.

gloria steinem: the chicken was acting out in the streets again because he has not yet undergone the revolution from within.

nadine strossen: who cares why he is doing it? i'm just concerned with protecting his constitutional right to do it.

bell hooks: she was just plain sick of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

donna haraway: she was affirming her cyborg identity by blurring the boundaries between herself (nature) and the road (culture.)

judith butler: the chicken/road problematic is a mutually constituted dualism that is dependent on an invisible term that is altogether outside the chicken/road dualism and remains in the realm of the unsignifiable, constantly operating in excess of the signified terms. unfortunately, because we can never signify this third term, the question itself is undecidable and is itself problematic.

carol gilligan: is it a chicken or a hen? if it's a chicken,he was probably doing what he decided was best for him at the time. if it's a hen, she was probably acting out of compassion for another.

mary daly: chickens are biologically conditioned for action and aggression.

valerie solanas: because i was chasing him with my handy pocketknife.

jessica benjamin: it was an act of assertion in response to excessive amounts of maternal recognition that deprived him of an adequately separate sense of self-in-relation.

emma goldman: because if she can't cross she doesn't want to be part of your revolution.

clarissa pinkholm estes: she wanted to run with the wolves, and they were on the other side of the road.

virginia woolf: because every chicken deserves to cross a road of her own.

sylvia plath: he will do it again, one year in every ten.

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