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Am enjoying the nice weather muchly. Was 90ish Tuesday and Wednesday, but around 9:30 on Wednesday night as i finished watching Mulholland Drive (which is overrated, btw) crashing thunder and light-up-the-sky lightning. Weather in the 60s? More like spring than summer, but given that it’s barely even mid-June yet i am much okay with that. I really should go for walks more.

Thanks to DVD Special Features, my father says now he always thinks “6 French horns” when he hears the ST:TNG theme (and so of course i do too now).

Thanks to my father i now think WilliWear every time i see Original Starfleet Uniforms/Starfleet Uniforms Created by: William Ware Theiss in the end credits.

After i watched “The High Ground” (3.12) i found myself thinking about how it’s interesting that while of course we’re supposed to side with Picard throughout this series, we frequently hear people arguing that perhaps they aren’t really in the right. In this episode, for example, Finn makes very good points about history being written by the winners and how they’re fighting a war for independence and by aiding one side and not the other Starfleet is essentially taking sides and so on. (Similarly, even though Rodenberry invented the Prime Directive, Picard definitely fudges it on more than one occasion.)

So much of S3 i remember the episodes. I still can’t remember what’s going to happen in advance (except in rare instances) but often something will happen and i know i’ve seen it before. I wonder if i started watching that year. I was 6 years old, so i don’t think there would be that much of a difference between how much i retained versus the previous year if i’d been watching since S2.

Jonah, i saw the episode you were talking about.

“I would like to have been consulted.”
“I have not observed anyone else on board consulting you about their procreation, sir.”

“I am not talking about parenting. I am talking about the extraordinary consequences of creating a new life.”
“Does that not describe becoming a parent, sir?”

Picard comes around of course (and even immediately he recognizes it as a life that cannot be activated and deactivated at whim), but StarFleet still sees her as a research project. I wanted Picard to yell at Haftel: “If Lal is a research project, then so is every child.” I mean hello, it’s “Measure of a Man” all over again. Though with the added twist of a child. In the episode with the Nanites (“Evolution” 3.01) they mention reproduction as one criteria for life and i thought “But Data can’t reproduce.” Apparently he can. Not in the human way, but then he isn’t human.

“I have decided to allow my child to choose its own sex and appearance.”

“Gender: neuter. Inadequate.”
Oh come on, hasn’t StarFleet in however many centuries it’s been around encountered beings who don’t have a dual-gender system like we do?
Yes, Troi, of course gendered appearance influences how people interact with another (shame we haven’t gotten over that by the utopic 24th century) and obviously having a humanoid appearance eases interaction and increases the likelihood of being treated as a valid sentient entity -- as opposed to looking like a created machine -- but why aren’t there any options outside the gender binary? Why doesn’t Troi say “No, gender neuter does not mean inadequate”?

“I do not wish to be different.”
Yes, there is that.

“Our function is to contribute in a positive way to the world to the world in which we live.”
I like that. [Though then in “Tin Man” (3.20) Data seems to still be struggling with what the purpose of life/existence is. Hello continuity?]

I went to the JBCC wrap-up party on Friday to help mop my mother up off the floor (i keep forgetting it was the anniversary of her father’s death recently, and even without that, she’s been at the Baker since 1982 so a trip down memory lane includes lots of people who are gone if not dead). She was actually pretty fine. I got introduced to lots of coworkers i’ve heard her talk about and some i had met back when i was very young.

The speechifying was pretty okay. One hour total for about 10 people. Most either didn’t run over their allotted time or if they did they were saying interesting engaging stuff so the audience (by which of course i mean me) didn’t notice/mind.

One Manville parent spoke and mentioned an essay on ADD called “Welcome to Holland.”
You plan to go to Italy, read all these books and get maps and guidebooks and study the language and all that, and then you get off the plane and you’re in Holland. And if you spend the whole time mourning what you’re missing by not being in Italy, you don’t enjoy the wonderful things in Holland. I liked that.

Al introduced Bob Selman as a “professor of psychology and other things.” That’s the kind of introduction i want if i ever get famous. Not exactly like that, but that spirit of irreverence and deprecation. No one wants to hear 10 minutes about how wonderful the upcoming speaker is, and then it puts this tremendous pressure on the speaker to say the most insightful thing you’ve ever heard.

Bob talked about going to a conference in Philly and being given Bill Beardslee as a roommate. “His office was 4 doors down from mine, but we’d never talked before, since we’d only worked there for about 8 years.” Tee.

When Susan came up and spoke she did Audrey Duck (Susan does puppet therapy, and Audrey is a brash young’n) and talked about leaving the old building and how we’ll miss it but we take with us the memories and we’ll do good things in the new building and so on. And there was much praise of my mother, which was well-deserved. (Other people may come up with brilliant ideas and write books and give lectures and stuff, but my mom’s the one who actually runs everything and makes sure everything actually gets done and performs miracles on a daily basis.)

Someone called the Baker the best-kept secret in Boston. There are bookmarks that say Judge Baker Children’s Center: Strengthening the promise of young lives since 1917 One of the speakers talked about the history the Baker going back to Jane Addams and Hull House in Illinois in 1899 because that was the start of the movement “to help, rather than punish, delinquent youth” (as the bookmark says) and Judge Baker (for whom the Baker is named) was one of the first to do that in Massachusetts. Pretty illustrious pedigree. In addition, one of the former directors of the Baker is Julius Richmond, who helped invent Head Start. (He gave the ending “anchor” speech.)

Oh, and how could i forget getting hit on my way to the Baker. I’ve been home for what, three weeks now? Clearly i need to get out more. To those of you new to this journal: i frequently get hit on by middle-aged men while i’m home from college. Less than 24 hours is the record for shortest time interval between arriving in the suburb and being hit on by a sketchy man.

I was walking down Huntington Ave from Ruggles, not yet at Mass Art. I had a red light at a cross street, so i was just waiting there for an opportunity to cross the street. A guy, probably middle-aged, who’s been standing on the corner comes up to me and asks me if i’m from this area, says he just moved here and has a job but needs a place to stay, do i know any places for rent. No, sorry, i don’t. Then he starts talking about how his job sucks. I sympathize. Note to people who wanna pick me up: i will sympathize with your bitching because i am a generally kind and polite person, but it does not particularly endear me to you. Then he’s asking me for my number and i can see out of the corner of my eye that i have the light, so i manage to make an exit and continue on my way.
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