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I'm actually busy and thus probably won't be posting for real for another couple days. However, people keep pointing to the report about there being no link between Iraq and al-Qaida and being so not surprised. I've actually been enjoying not arguing with people about the Iraq war, since it's not like any of us are gonna change each others' minds and it feels like we just make the same arguments over and over. However, i have to the snarky devil's advocate and my immediate reaction was, "Love how you distrust stuff that doesn't agree with you and don't question stuff that does agree with you." I fully admit that i'm far more likely to question stuff that doesn't agree with me, but i try really hard to seek out as much information as possible, including problematizing and criticizing stuff i want to be right.

Anyway, i hopped over to Instapundit.com this afternoon 'cause i finally had a moment, and there are 4 posts on it so far.

Post 1
Post 2
Post 3
Post 4

Basically he's skeptical of the Commission given their behavior to date and also points out that the reports are spinning the fact that there is no link between Iraq and the 9/11 attacks but Bush never said there was, argued rather that Iraq provided a permissive environment for terrorism, which Britain and Russia agree with. Glenn insists the attacks on Iraq were pre-emptive (if we don't do something, Iraq or someone Iraq has helped will attack us) rather than revenge (Iraq was partly responsible for 9/11 so we must smash them).

Humanitarian concerns have always been the main reason i supported the war, so i'm not deeply committed to this issue, but because of the amount of play it's getting and the political leanings of the majority of my LJ people, i thought i should post.

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