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“i planted my dusty boots on the bumper, sat out on the hood and looked up at the sky”

Despite much procrastination, i insisted on finishing my damn Othello paper tonight. It’s only 3 pages, but the assignment says “about 4 pages,” and how much can you write about one scene, really? And i know i’m going to revise after i’ve gotten some sleep.

I bought a new pair of blue jeans today and realized that the khaki pants which i have grown so fond of are from Land’s End, so i can easily have my mom order another pair. I also did laundry today. I really should vacuum.

I got an invitation to the S.O.S. (Service Organization of Smith) Volunteer Recognition dinner. It’s the day Jonah’s gonna be here, so i have to decline, but i get to feel cool anyway.

When i was at Forbes on Friday the nice lady who works there whom i talk to mentioned Smith students working there through work-study. The Jolt pointed me to Work-Study Job Listings for the 2002-03 academic year. Hooray for jobs i actually want to do. Work-study was part of my financial aid for this year, but the only jobs i knew of available for first-years were working on the house kitchens/dining areas. Work i didn’t want to do for less money than i was used to making. Working at the library (and the bookstore) has so spoiled me. I am an 18-year-old college students who wants to love her job. I had plenty of money since i barely spent any of the money i made in my 3 years of working, so it wasn’t a problem, but after this year i have much less money and would like to have something of an income again, especially since some of my scholarships were non-renewable so i will be paying even more for my portion of tuition next year than i did this year.

Joe finally posted in his livejournal. Woo hoo. (Though i shouldn’t talk, ‘cause i didn’t post in mine until 3 days after i’d gotten it and it only took him two.) He said he’s looking forward to seeing me again and meeting some of the people i talk about. My first thought, of course, was if i show him around before the show we’ll get bad seats, but they have to go home that night so that cuts down on post-concert time. I think i’m actually more looking forward to seeing him and talking to him and stuff than i am about the concert. This is probably a combination of the fact that i adore him and the fact that i’m not a huge live concert person. I like seeing people live, and i’m definitely excited about my first Ani concert, but i can always listen to CDs and stuff. Real people are way more important than performances. (This is begging for an essay on how all interaction is performance. I am not going there.)

from conversation with Joe tonight:
JoeyD33011: yeah - so you have to meet Julie sometime this summer
VelmasLizard: definitely!
JoeyD33011: cause I'm talking to her and you
JoeyD33011: and you guys are the best
VelmasLizard: :-) I get on par with the mythical best friend Julie. I rock.
JoeyD33011: yeah you do
VelmasLizard: :-)

My roommate said i’m “like, an Internet Queen.” (She thinks she’s Internet incompetent, and i have masslive.com Yellow Pages Find a Business bookmarked, so i look up the phone number for Tea Pot for her. She was on the phone with a friend and said, “She’s looking it up in the Yellow Pages. See, I wouldn’t have thought of that.” And she wasn’t being sarcastic.)

(In which Sharon’s friend Kate proves that i am not the only person who totally lucked out with the parental assignage.)

This is why i worry that perhaps a job as a copy editor would drive me insane.

In my procrastination tonight i succumbed to slash-fic searching. I finally got the gay joke about Willow and Tara’s candle being “extra-flamey.” (the end scene of “New Moon Rising”) Color me slow. And the only reason i got it was because i had read something earlier today in which someone talked about being a flaming gay. Without that floating around in the back of my mind i don’t think i would have made the connection despite seeing the quote on a slash page. The term just really isn’t part of my vocabulary. I mean, i know what it means, but i don’t think i’ve ever heard it used except for gay men, and obviously at Smith there aren’t a whole lot of them. Oh, and i would like to just say that i had (A) forgotten how hard it can be to find BtVS/A:tS slash-fic and (B) not realized just how bad slash-fic can be. The story i read was an alternate universe in which everyone is alive and happy and polyamorous and speaking in totally unreal dialogue. It was just a lot of sex being had by people who happened to have the same names as BtVS and A:tS characters. It was bad. If it weren't so late i would have rewarded myself with a really good slash-fic, but i think sleep is a better reward right now.

I would like to make a general statement about my intense relationships.
I have felt this intense protective somewhat maternal thing for people before.
I think i know what it feels like.
I have had serious crushes on people before.
I think i know what it feels like.
I think i know the difference between how those two feel, even factoring in--as we discussed in Queer Studies a few weeks ago--the erotics of intense relationships (in simple terms: in intense platonic relationships one sometimes has erotic fantasies that one has no desire to actually realize).
So why do i sometimes feel confused? Oh yes, because sometimes the two overlap.
I think it’s safe to say that i do not have a crush on anyone right now, though.
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