Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Wow, i think i spent a whole day plus away away from LiveJournal.

Saw Len Warner at the library Monday night. He called me Barbara (my mother’s name; an understandable mistake) and we chatted for a while. I wanted to say, “I see your church is becoming an Open and Affirming church,” to express my pleasure in that fact, but there was never an opening.

Had my first Teen Voices training on Tuesday. Ellyn and i talked a little about how Teen Voices used to review zines during that time when lots of the mainstream media were talking about them. She said i could do some sort of zine project this summer. Woohoo.

Stopped by the library on my way home. Said hi to Beth and met one of the volunteers, Denise, who’s a Smithie, class of ‘87(?). She lived in Lamont her first and senior year, because clearly the world is just that small. We talked for probably at least an hour -- well after Beth had gone home for the day. She said maybe we’d have lunch sometime, since Beth keeps talking about wanting to take her out for lunch. That would be lovely. She also kept talking about wanting to go back and visit Smith (she hasn’t been back since she got married in the Alumnae House, June 23, 2001) and Beth keeps saying she and Margot are gonna come out, so maybe i’ll get yay visity people next year.

When i was complaining to sexonastick about Mulholland Drive, she asked if i’d seen any movies i liked recently. After this afternoon i can point to Pirates of the Caribbean. I liked that quite a lot actually. Yes, lilithchilde, you can feel vindicated now. This marks what, the third time our tastes have ever meshed? ;)

hedy, MLN does have Wicked.

rollinson, Tim Riley of Slate talks about Christopher Ricks on Bob Dylan.

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