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There really are 9 of us interns under Ellyn (other departments have others -- anyone into finance? Carol’s looking for an intern) and i’m learning names (a bunch of the girls all have crinkly dirty blonde hair which makes the differentiation process a bit more difficult) and we’re starting to all get more friendly and comfortable with each other (we were so untalkative in that awkward quiet kind of way the first session or two).

I watched Jean Kilbourne’s Killing Us Softly 3 for i think the third time. I have a definite work schedule now -- Tuesday/Thursday/Friday all day through July and August -- and Michele loves me ‘cause i’m taking her Mondays through those two months, and my mother’s happy that i’m coming in next Wednesday to help out with the Girls’ Program.

Bumped into Susan Norris when i was leaving the restroom at South Station. She’s meeting Emily Cooper to go to an Aerosmith concert. She’s also seen or heard from a couple just-graduated Lamonsters at different instances within the past week. She said to drop her an e-mail and we should get together.

Teen Voices got out early, so i got the 4:30 Franklin. The first stop is Uphams Corner. This sounds vaguely familiar, though i’m still a little thrown as Back Bay is always the first stop when leaving South Station unless you’re going to Plymouth or something. Then there’s Morton Street, then Fairmount. At this point i’m convinced i got on the wrong train even though the conductor punched my Zone 3 12-Ride. Then we’re at Readville, next stop Norwood Central. Um, okay. We blow by Endicott, Dedham Corporate Center, Islington, and Norwood Depot. And then there i am at Norwood Central. Turns out i just got on one of the VIA DORC BR. trains. Oops.

Then after picking up more books at the library i came home and found that neither my brother nor i knew where our father was or what the plan was for the evening. Clearly the universe was committed to disorienting me. (We did get it all sorted out after some time; don’t worry.)

The family’s considering going to Yellowstone next summer since it’s our last chance for a while (with my brother entering college and me leaving undergrad we’ll both likely have summer commitments).

Watching tonight’s CSI ("Getting Off," 4.16) i learned why Rack told Willow she smelled of strawberries.

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