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I almost didn’t watch “Qpid” (TNG 4.20) because i’d seen it before and wasn’t eager to suffer through the Maid Marian plot Q thrusts on them. But i’m a completionist, plus Q shows up in Picard’s bed. [“If I’d known sooner, I would have appeared as a female.” Yes, i know, it’s in the context of him wanting to find a vulnerability in Picard, but Q so wants Picard.] ladyvivien’s most recent drabbles make much more sense now. Can i just say, though, i didn’t like Vash the first time and i don’t like her now, and i still don’t buy Picard being into her. Anyway, the episode ended up being better than i was expecting. Seeing it with the references (“Deja Q,” “Captain’s Holiday”) fresh in my mind is always good. And the Maid Marian plot wasn’t as painful as i remembered (“I am not a Merry Man!”).

In other news, pandarus wrote a lovely Hermione/Ginny ("Imperfection") and i’m not that much into HP fic but can someone explain to me what the Hermione/Ron obsession is? So much of the little Hermione femslash i’ve read takes as a given some sort of prior involvement with Ron on Hermione’s part as a given, and people talk about Hermione/Ron as practically given in canon. Now, i’ve read all the books, though i’m hardly obsessive like i am in my fandoms of choice, and obviously it’s a possibility since they’re all best friends, but how is this somehow inevitable and obvious?

I saw Lost and Delirious. Was kinda weird watching and thinking “that’s a sexonastick LJ usericon” at all the appropriate points. And Mary kept looking like early season Buffy which was kinda disconcerting. Good movie, though. Care to enlighten me as to how interpreting Mouse as unreliable narrator so the second half of the film is lies makes this brilliant, Beth dear?
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