Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Tell me again why i still go to church?

I should have known it would be bad when i saw the sign on the lawn saying “The Best Constitution in the World is the Bible.”

There was an insert in the bulletin about the Federal Marriage Amendment that’s going to be voted on July 15. [HRC provides a handy e-mail form.] It includes the comforting (to me) news that: “Democratic leaders in the Senate, including Senate Minority Leader Daschale (sic) and Senators Schumer (NY), Boxer (CA), and Stabenow (MI) have promised homosexual leaders they will kill the amendment.”

Before the service began, the worship leader (i forget his name, the guy who plays trombone) was talking about how Soviet Union shut down most of the churches and converted them into houses and government buildings or put chains on their doors, but they left some churches and cathedrals open so that when foreigners came, the Soviet leaders could point to those buildings and say, “See, we have freedom of religion; people can enter these churches whenever they want.” He said they didn’t need to put chains on the doors, because the people had chains on their hearts. Huh? I thought the Soviet Union got included in that history of the persecution of Christians. If all the Soviet citizens had “chains on their hearts,” why did anyone need to chain up the doors to the churches in the first place? Wouldn’t the churches just all turn into abandoned buildings no one wanted to enter? And i was unclear about the purpose of this anecdote. He said that we don’t have chains on our hearts, and then he started the worship service. So the point was to remind us how much better we are than those godless commies? I really should have asked after church but i didn’t think of it.

The children’s message kept mentioning how your friends may not know about Jesus and how much Jesus can help them, so of course you should tell them. Yes, let’s make proselytizers out of grade schoolers who definitely don’t have a full grasp of all this stuff you keep telling them (like “accepting Jesus into your heart”). *sighs*

I was all stomach-turny during the mention of the marriage insert. This stopped being my church about 4 years ago, but today felt like an additional step of “I’m not sure i can even continue coming here.” Marilyn said she would drive us to her church in Walpole, and i desperately want to take her up on that. Would be wonderful to see the girls again, too, though i don’t know how much Lynda goes during the summer. (That’s the other thing. This was the first official “summer service” and so many people don’t come during the summer that i feel like why put myself through this since the people are really the main draw to keep returning to United.) I know the Congregational Church wouldn’t be a perfect home for me, but it would certainly be better than United, so i’m very very tempted to just go there for the rest of the summer.

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