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About what happened at the Undertaker’s match at the Bash last Sunday... OMFG
I’m sorry, i grew up watching WWF and the Undertaker’s the only character still around from the era i watched and they continue to do interesting things with his character and yeah.

Returning to my fandom of choice: *dies* Should i break down and get a PayPal account? Anyone have a PayPal account and wanna buy me all 3 issues? I’d reimburse you of course.

Oh, and if anyone’s interested, fray_adjacent is a community for posting quotes from Buffy/Angel-verse fanfic.

I’ve still been watching TNG.

Aw, in “Half a Life” (4.22) i actually kinda liked Lwaxana Troi. (Speaking of that episode, my father sent me a link to this story, which talks about the possibility of humans living forever and what that would mean for philosophy. Glenn Reynolds has been blogging about about longevity and aging.)

Bah to “The Host” (4.23).

The shiny toy surprise at the end of “Redemption” (4.26)? And here i had convinced myself i was imagining things in “The Mind’s Eye” (4.25). I heart continuity (5.01).

In the S4 commentary, Marina Sirtis said that in “Qpid,” she and Gates were the only ones who actually knew how to fence but since they were girls they just smashed pots over people’s heads and that they were miffed about that. I was glad to hear that ‘cause i was definitely pissed at that when i watched the episode recently.

lordaerith and athene say “Darmok” (TNG 5.02) is one of the best episodes of television ever, right up there with “The Body” (BtVS 5.16). “Darmok and Jalad. At Tanagra. When the walls fell.” I definitely had a distinct memory of that from my childhood but couldn’t remember specifics, though i quickly recalled once i was watching the episode. Given how much the Trek staff has done with creating lifeforms so utterly foreign to ourselves, it was really neat to see them tackle the idea of a language that operated entirely differently from our own. The Enterprise crew seemed rather flagrantly stupid, but maybe that was because i already knew the trick from having seen the episode before.
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