Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Mmm, i had forgotten how at home i feel in a good pair of jeans. I've been wearing skirts/shorts/khakis so often recently because of the weather. Of course it was quite humid today, but i was glad of the jeans as my second project of the day was reminiscent of Puddingstone -- sorting two bookshelves worth of books (books already on the shelves, but not in much of an order despite labels on the shelves). Oh, and the office is air-conditioned, for which i was very grateful and expect to continue to be. Have i mentioned my distaste for this whole hot and humid thing? Oh i know we haven't seen anything really miserable yet this season and we've had plenty of beautiful days, but i wasn't kidding back in January when i said i'd take the worst winter had to offer over the miserable hot and humid New England summers.

Anyway, we seemed dreadfully overstaffed at the beginning with 5 of us all helping to connect all the wires of a bunch of computers. But then i got my bookshelf project so that was good. A lot of people left around lunchtime, and then Ellyn took Jenny somewhere and left me to work on that zine project we had talked about. Um yeah, that project i had actually thought Ellyn had forgotten about as she had said nothing about it. So i posted inquiries on YahooGroups and LiveJournal communities and spent the next couple hours poking around looking for essays on zining and such because i didn't have anything else to do and Saun was busy with some of her kids so i couldn't even go chat her up. The Internet on those computers is abysmal. So slow, and gets cranky at having more than one window open. (I positively thrive on the whole multi-window thing.)

Eventually Jenny and Ellyn came back and we chatted and cleaned up (and looked at back issues of Bust and Bitch, 'cause they were lying around and neither of us had ever actually read either magazine) and then she let us out early. I walked with Jenny to Park Street (Park Street is that close to South Station? I feel like such a tourist for not having known that) 'cause we were chatting and i had plenty of time before my train. Jenny seems cool. I like her.

People were actually standing on the commuter rail home. Not sure i can remember the last time that happened.

And i haven't yet passed out from sleep-deprivation today, so that is of the good.

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