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juleskicks has a multifandom gay marriage drabble project


“The Game” (5.06) ... Oh, it’s like crack. As a child of course i never made that analogy, but with S6 of BtVS and the fannish discussion thereof behind me, i kept saying during this viewing of “The Game,” “It’s crack,” and having to stop myself from saying, “It’s magic crack.”
That scene with Troi and the ice cream? Is one of my big memories of her. So it drove me crazy that it took them like 3 seasons to invent the fact that she loves chocolate. I forever think of her accent on the show as somehow connected with sensuously eating chocolate (ice cream).

Thinking about the little Romulan boy whose parents wanted him to learn Vulcan, it occurred to me that Hi, don’t we have Universal Translators? I mean, everyone always understands each other. Except lots of times Klingons and others will speak their native language. So how do Universal Translators work, exactly?

In “Disaster” (5.05) Troi got called “sir” consistently because she was the one in charge. Later i thought of the discussion about “actor” and suchlike in the Teen Voices non-biased language training.

Season 4 didn’t have many episodes i remembered from my childhood, but many of Season 5 so far (admittedly i’m only about a dozen episodes in) feel familiar.
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