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political links, mostly Edwards/Kerry and Kerry vs. Bush

More evidence that Iraq was developing weapons. And even more.

Glenn Reynolds asks "Has France ever met a murderous regime it didn't like?" re: Darfur (Sudan) and discusses the politics of oil interests.

Instapundit.com/Glenn Reynolds has been posting tons of stuff about Kerry/Edwards since it was announced.

"Many journalists and bloggers will be thanking Kerry for picking someone who ran in the primary, as it makes all those archived Edwards items useful again. It's a pro-recycling ticket!" *giggles*

SmallestMinority writes: According to a poster on AR15.com, the John Edwards VP choice has been described as: "Breast implants for the Democrat ticket" That is, he adds to the appearance and makes it look sexier, but adds nothing of substance on the inside.

Andrew Sullivan thinks Edwards was the right choice but that Kerry’s speech was tedious, vacuous, and hyper-liberal.

John Edwards sounds like Paul Wolfowitz? or GWB? [the latter link also includes an indictment of Kerry]

Glenn knows about johnxjohn! (He also links to Slate articles that on slashy fanfic! :) "Fan fiction is America's literature of obsession." -- duh.) And Wonkette is amusing as well.

Peggy Noonan argues for Kerry that we need a break from the history-making of GWB’s presidency. Mickey Kaus (scroll way down to "Winning Kerry Message Revealed") agrees with her. Instapundit has good roundups of the blogosphere reaction to this here and here.

And since everyone is crediting Peggy with this idea, Andrew Sullivan points out that he had written similar things a while back. (In the same post, Andrew points out how Ted Rall is allowed to get away with racism no right-winger would be allowed to get away with.)

Andrew Sullivan also says: "The most effective and often hilarious critic of John Kerry now says he'll vote for him." He continues: "Good for Mickey, I guess. I think it's sign of real intelligence that someone can both essentially loathe a candidate and still, for various reasons, vote for him."

I agree. And i’m sure lots of liberals think i should vote for Kerry as the lesser-of-two-evils. But how many would support me if i said i loathed Bush but was, for a variety of reasons, going to vote for him. Not too many Smithies i’d wager.

"This is my defense, I guess. I am passionately in favor of an aggressive war against the Islamo-fascists, but I'm open to debate about tactics and strategy. I certainly don't believe that a pro-war position means some kind of blind fealty to Bush-Cheney. And, of course, as a small government, balanced-budget, libertarian homo, Bush Republicanism is anathema in so many ways. But every time I listen to Kerry, I cannot help but feel that he is hopelessly out of touch with the threats we face and might make our budget problems worse with his healthcare proposal. So I am stuck between a president whose party now officially wants to purge itself of gays and a senator I cannot trust to fight the war we need. These are painful times indeed." -Andrew Sullivan
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