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various things which have been running around my head

The June 2002 Reader’s Digest has an article on how to pay less for almost anything, bargaining with salesclerks and such. Now, i get it, but as someone who deals on a fairly regular basis with people who want their fines reduced, i wince. I understand there’s a difference between getting a discount on a refrigerator or getting some extras thrown in with your sports equipment and getting your $10 video fine waived, but they both operate on the same principle: that as the customer you have the right to argue anything; that posted prices, rules, etc. are mere suggestions, open to debate.

I saw “Buffy vs. Dracula” again last night. I’m sad that they didn’t do anything further with the darkness Buffy’s power is rooted in. I know i have more to say about that episode and the whole season, but i’m just not up for it, and no one cares anyway.

If you win an auction called “Pack Of Zine Goodies,” which actually contains only one zine and is really mostly just craft stuff, please do not in the note accompanying your payment say “This is payment for the zine lot.” Now, i don’t expect you to know that i have various auctions of actual zines which have ended recently, but would it kill you to include the actual name of the auction so i’m not totally confused? You have 32 feedbacks. Obviously you’re not a newbie. Okay, that was a gratuitous rant. I’m stopping now. And certainly it’s much preferable to not sending payment at all, causing me to have to leave you negative feedback and then look up and contact the second highest bidder and ... i’m stopping now, yes really i am.

On a lighter note, i really like my hair today. Also, my Indigo Girls CD seems to be unharmed. Yay.

Okay, off to write letters. I will be productive today despite the oppressive air which makes me want to imitate a sloth.
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