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Remember how i watched the Buffy musical with Jonah and he fell in love? Well Sunday night he IMs me:
So Buffy is like the best thing ever. How could you not tell me that it was so wonderful. (I took out the first season on DVD from the library.)
It really amazing. It's so well-written and compelling, and the metaphors are creative and fresh and deal with teen issues so well. The dialogue and script is wonderful, and Joss Whedon seems like the coolest person ever.
I finally saw Y Tu Mamá También. What’s the big deal about that movie? (Sidenote: it reminded me a lot of Nico and Dani.)

Speaking of overrated. I read the in the most recent NYT Magazine and of course it mentioned "Art Spiegelman's groundbreaking" Maus. I finally read Maus recently and was almost bored. Am i missing something? (Note to self: must write Nancy Pearl and complain that Sandman wasn’t mentioned under Graphic Novels in Book Lust.)

Ellyn e-mailed on Monday saying they had free tickets to I, Robot, so i reread the Asimov book, which i had been meaning to since i saw the ads for the movie.

I realized that Chapter 2: Runaround, is what i think of as I, Robot. The ads remind me of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which got turned into Blade Runner. Having reread the Asimov book, the ads most reminded me of “Little Lost Robot.” People on IMDb have suggested that the movie is likely aiming to be another I, Robot chapter -- in the spirit of Asimov’s world but not explicitly adapting any particular story.

Having finished the book i thought "Wow Asimov is brilliant" and decided i really didn’t wanna see the mutant hybrid of a movie. I might not have been allowed to anyway, actually. Jenny said Ellyn wouldn’t let her go. Maybe you had to be a mentor? (Neither of us are.) Bonding time with the girls or whatever. Blah.


“Violations” (5.12) ... omg that was possibly the most disturbing episode ever.

“Conundrum” (5.14) ... gah! it’s the “Tabula Rasa” (BtVS 6.08) episode. (ladyvivien: i’ve decided Ro Laren is Vash done right. Leaving aside the whole relationship part of it, that is. She has Vash’s attitude but i actually like her.)
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