Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Worked 6 and a half hours today, which is the most so far. Actually got a lot done, which made me feel good. Some of the usual office monkey “put together a packet to be mailed out for so-and-so” stuff, but also a lot of real work. Pulled a submission from body image for use on a web feature and heavily edited it. (English is not the author’s first language.) Also wrote introduction to said web feature.

Read 3 short story submissions. The first one had lots of interesting description but ended up losing itself in the purple prose. The POV character starts quoting Shelley near the end, so i wondered if the author had been reading too much of the Romantic poets recently. That same author also wrote a story about various characters at her (the POV character’s) grandmother’s nursing home. Much different style, which bodes well for the author’s future as a writer. The last one was about a girl who has been taking ballet lessons for 10 years and finally quits because of the taskmaster instructor. The narrator doesn’t want to become a professional dancer, just wants to dance for fun, and ends up at a once-a-week class filled with middle-aged women where she truly enjoys herself.

Jenny and i chatted about them. She said that Ellyn had pointed to the heavily descriptive one as an example of what Teen Voices is looking for. Jenny and i agreed that we thought of the ballet one as the best for Teen Voices.

Last time i got caught in the rain going from Teen Voices to South Station i was irked, even though i like the rain, because i wasn’t expecting it. This time i was and quite enjoyed the rain, leaving my umbrella in my bag.

Oh, and Monday finished out well. I finally got to the mail at 4:15 after having finished the send item list and all the route ins were done save the blue slips (item specific requests, rather than regular interlibrary returns). Got a good chunk of it done. Whole lot of new cards that day. Don’t think i fucked anything up, though there were numerous little things that had been changed in the past year that i hadn’t been informed of.

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