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Haven’t checked LJ since before i picked up Allie Friday afternoon. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Two women from SpeakOut were giving an Ask Anything workshop to the girls Friday afternoon. I had wanted to intern at SpeakOut, so it was good to know they were still around. Was pretty trippy listening to it ‘cause it really is an Ask Anything workshop. Saun said of all the workshops they bring in for the Teen Voices girls, the gay one their most requested workshop :)

Ellyn sent me home early, so after we got in to Norwood i showed Allie around downtown. I got a watermelon sherbet at Ice Jack and we stopped and chatted with Susan at Puddingstone (the used bookstore i worked at many summers ago) for a while.

Then we came home and had dinner with my parents. (My brother was out somewhere.)

Allie made me a mix CD (with puppet!Angel on the cover!) for my birthday, mostly of the Nields, since she keeps telling me i need to listen to them. So sweet of her. And liked the CD a lot, so extra yay for that. So many mix CDs i wanna make for people.

I showed Allie the "This Land..." video, which is hysterical -- equal opportunity political mocking -- and bits of Jesus Has Two Mommies, which made her want to watch it immediately. I saw the Christmas 2001 performance and since then have frequently thought of buying it to inflict on people, so i finally actually ordered it. She think i should have a Jesus Has Two Mommies watching party when i get back to Smith. Sounds good to me. (hedy, i’ll let you know when it arrives so you can come over and watch it since you’ll be out of the country next semester.)

We watched the History Channel Judas documentary, which was not very impressive. I thought the book titles under some of the speakers’ names looked interesting, though -- Judas: Betrayer or Friend of Jesus? by William Klassen, and Judas: Images of the Lost Disciple by Kim Paffenroth. The video included various dramatizations, among which was the Judas Kiss of betrayal. They must have repeated those 2 seconds at least a dozen a times, sometimes fuzzing the image so that you wouldn’t know it was necessarily a kiss on the cheek if you hadn’t already seen the clip a million times.

Come September we’re gonna watch The Last Temptation of Christ.

Saturday we had an early start to the day and headed first to Copley for the Grimm's Fairy Tales Exhibition at The Society of Arts and Crafts, which we actually found without much trouble (yay for maps).

Was fun first of all seeing how many of the tales we already knew. The woman said i was the first person to know the Devil With Three Golden Hairs story. And we learned some new stories skimming the texts of the ones we didn’t already know. Nice of them to have booklets with texts of all the stories for visitors to read.

And of course the art itself was interesting.

There was Wolf Girl II. Pretty basic white girl in pink dress with wolf head. Too bad we couldn’t see the other 2 Wolf Girl pieces; would have been interesting.

Loved the Briar Rose one. And the one whose title i’ve forgotten with the youngest son who saves the ants, fish, and bees. Oh and the one with the spirit in the bottle.

The Golden Key one was interesting. Says May 1, 2029 in gold lettering on the front. The drawer contains the artist’s diary and the people who are buying the box will get the key in 25 years -- on May 1, 2029.

Next we went to Harvard Square. The usual fruit smoothie guy wasn’t there (though he was when we came back). I ordered a strawberry lemon smoothie, which was pretty good, and Allie got a banana piña colada even though she’s wary of buying food from people in subway stations. I was validated, though, because the banana piña colada was delicious -- i really must get that next time i’m there.

Once we were outside we just wandered for a while. We passed a guy with Quantum Theory for the Public and i kinda wanted to stop and get one to show my dad since it looked like they were free, but i didn’t.

Allie’s family used to spend summers in the Harvard Square area, so she took me to some of the places she loved, including Bartley's (which i had never heard of), where we had lunch. It’s known for its burgers etc. but i got a yummy hummus wrap (though it was a bit pricey).

Allie and i had been talking religion a lot and i kept referencing Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore, which i had just read, so she decided she wanted to buy it, so after Bartley's we stopped in at the nearby bookstore.

While there we saw Considering Maus: Approaches to Art Spiegelman's "Survivor's Tale" of the Holocaust by Deborah R. Geis and i was reminded of my post on Maus and the ensuing commentary thereon.

Next we headed to the North End, where neither of us had spent much time. We got off at Haymarket and found ourselves in the open air market when we attempted Hanover Street. We managed to escape and eventually found our way around the Big Dig and found the rest of Hanover Street. On our way to Mike’s we passed the Improv Asylum, so now i know where that is, which is good because i wanna see their "Big Dig...The End Of An Error" performance.

Mike’s was hella crowded and where/how lines formed seemed to be a matter of interpretation. Finally we managed to order 2 cannolis. “For here or to go?” “For here,” we said, since there were tables and we hoped maybe we could find any empty one. “Well then you’ll have to sit down and wait for table service.” “Okay fine, to go then, we’ll go back to Quincy Market and find somewhere to sit down and eat.” And so we did. After we were done, the line for the bathroom was hella long, so since we had been planning to check out the waterfront anyway, we headed there and sure enough, as soon as you walk inside the Imax building there’s a sign to your left directing you up the stairs to restrooms on the 2nd floor.

After that we headed over to the nearby green and sat on one of the benches and chatted for a while and then lounged on the grass and read/napped.

We went back to Quincy Market for dinner. Allie was happy to see that Pizzeria Regina was still there, and i got a grilled veggie wrap from Steve’s Greek Cuisine.

We had hoped to see 1776! The Musical but it was way sold out, so we headed home. (Note to anyone ever looking for State Station: It is located in the basement of the Old State House, with no exterior markings.) My mom had made cake, so that was yum. And i played some of the newer Christine Lavin for Allie ‘cause she only has older stuff.

Allie and i had been talking about fandom on the train home. Whedonverse is so my One True Fandom. I like the HP books well enough, but i don’t care about the characters enough to be interested in much fic. I’m also used to knowing canon hardcore, which i so don’t in HP, so i feel incapable of writing fic and also feel like i’m missing a lot of the subtleties when i read fic (nevermind the fact that i forget who lots of minor characters are and i don’t have a good solid sense of time, so if something is set sometime before the most recent book i’m like “Okay, so how much of canon has happened, and what are the characters like?” and so on). TNG is very interesting, and i look forward to fic-searching once i’ve finished all 7 seasons, and there’s lots of interesting stuff to interrogate about the philosophy of TNG, but i don’t think i’ll ever be hardcore about it like i am Whedonverse. Allie says she wants to watch all of TNG now (she watched some when she was younger) so yay for having someone else to be fannish with. And come September she’s gonna introduce me to Farscape since she’s always raving about it.

So that night we watched Disc 5 of Season 5 of TNG (since that’s what i was up to in my viewing). Unfortunately that begins with “The Outcast” (5.17), which is the episode samfeasor said was TNG trying to do the gay issues and doing them poorly. I actually didn’t think it was horrible, but Allie did get to see firsthand how heavyhanded TNG can be when doing issue episodes. The whole disk was a pretty solid survey of TNG eps, though. (“Cause and Effect,” “The First Duty,” “Cost of Living”) Sadly there is no Q in S5, so i couldn’t introduce Allie to that fabulous character.

Heather came over for pancakes on Sunday and then we all just hung out and talked for the afternoon. At one point we headed to Ice Jack‘cause the two of them wanted ice cream. They’re selling t-shirts and if i were to get a Red Sox t-shirt it would be one of those.

My friend Jonah's coming over later today, so i'm looking forward to that.

Then tomorrow starts the week of work. (I don’t even really get Wednesday off because this week there’s a Teen Editorial Board meeting.) Must ask Ellyn if she still needs help for the UnConvention. I wanna go, regardless.
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