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I heart this shit.

So i barely use my AOL account anymore, but when i’m home it’s how i sign on to the Internet, so i still have an AOL profile (different screenname) from a year or two ago. Now, the important information for these stories is that in high school i played violin and had a zine with accompanying website and this information was (is) in my profile.

A few weeks ago i got an e-mail from another AOL user wondering if i was the girl she met at a Chamber Music Festival in Tennessee a few weeks ago (she had a question about the chin rests).

A couple nights ago i got IMed by a 31-year-old woman regarding my website. She was interested in chatting, but not after she found out i was 19, because we wouldn’t have much in common. I resented this, but i understand.

What prompted this entry, though, was an IM from “Jiva my Niva.”

Jiva my Niva: u play the violin?

His name’s Joe. (We won’t get into how i already have too many Joes in my life.) He’s a 20-year-old student at New England Tech for Video and Radio Productions, from Smithfield, RI, looking for a violin player for his band.

The distance thing makes it a no go for me, plus the fact that thy have a regular gig every Wednesday night and next semester i have crazy busy Thursdays.

Jiva my Niva: mugshots every wed night
Jiva my Niva: 944 manton ave
prov. ri
Jiva my Niva: call the bar 1st though b4 u go bc we might be movin our gigs to a bigger place soon
Jiva my Niva: its called sal's in johnston, ri
Jiva my Niva: just so u know if ur really interested
Jiva my Niva: u can be our 1st long distance fan...lol

Is it wrong that i not only totally wanna go to a gig but that it makes me sad that i can’t be in their band?

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