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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

FLB etc.

We get lots of advance copies for review, so i saw the new release versions of the Weetzie Bat books weeks ago. Yeah, the glitter fairy air to them is very FLB, but the whole normative gender thing

I was printing out the review section today, and there was a review of a new FLB book, Wasteland.

So i totally pulled up Minuteman to request myself a copy. And in my search i found that Ecstasia and Primavera are in print again. About damn time.

Anyway, i find the book and dude, incest! Yeah, i have a kink. I blame Angela Carter’s “ ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore.” (Speaking of, sexonastick, i read this article a while back via stakebait but never bookmarked it and had been wanting it recently, so while i’m sorry it took you so long to come across the article -- i would have told you about it when i first found it if i’d known you would have cared -- i’m glad you posted it when you did.)

And speaking of young people’s literature...

Harry Potter as capitalist propaganda? Joanne Jacobs and Daniel Drezner on this article from Le Monde.

Joanne Jacobs links to an article from The Spectator that claims that today’s children/YA books are more grim than those of previous generations.

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