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So, Wednesday was my day off. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. Did some errands and then mostly just caught up on reading political linkage my dad had sent. Still haven’t finished, so at some point in the future there will be a long cut-tagged post.

I was wearing a sweatshirt on Wednesday. I think this week is statistically usually the hottest of the summer. The first weekend that it was hot and humid (early May, i think) i had terror because it just brought up all those memories of how much worse it was gonna get. And we did have some very hot and humid days in May and June, but mostly this summer has been amazingly mild. I am so okay with that. (Of course, the next day it was back to sunny hot and humid, and i understand that’s supposed to last for the next few days.)

Evil tooth fairy and Emma Caulfield... what could be better? Yeah, i was hardly expecting Darkness Falls to be cinematic brilliance, but i definitely didn’t think it sucked. (Yeah, Allie, i have no idea what my criteria are. I’m underwhelmed by huge amounts of stuff and then my response to some arguably shoddy stuff is “I liked that well enough.”)

I didn't so much hate my job on Thursday. My tasks were more the usual: edit this, draft that; also web work. Was Jackie’s last day. Sadness. She said to keep in touch, and we all know how that goes, but i may e-mail her when i’m back at school anyway.

I ate lunch at Park Street, which always has demonstrators and such. I enjoyed the “Vote for a Woodchuck” sign. Managed to escape all flier people but one who basically thrust the paper at me: “Is marriage in your future? Don’t look for true love; create it! What you do today means a better tomorrow. Being the right person. That’s what it’s all about. Boston Family Church is offering a series of brief lectures and discussions on the issue of true love. Real happiness doesn’t come from trying hard to find the right person but from connecting to God and growing spiritually to become the right one.”

“Defenestrate” tops MSN’s weird list of 10 words to know.

Watched The Exorcist: The Version You’ve Never Seen with my brother tonight. Most of the restored footage i think was fine having been cut in the first place (though yes the Spider Walk was snazzy). The sex/violence of the movie is damned intense, though. (I may be ruined on silver crucifixes for quite some time now.) It’s definitely not a typical kind of horror film with constant suspense or anything.

Saw some of Smackdown before that. They showed a clip of the Undertaker/JBL confrontation i missed last week, so i was happy. The new GM is a nattily dressed black man who says things like “playa.” Kurt said he’s the first black GM of Smackdown (hi, Kurt, we’ve only had like 3 GMs) the guy said “that ‘first black’ stuff went out in 1985.” Anyone know if that’s a reference to anything in particular or just a way of saying “that kind of stuff went out a while ago”?

Oh, and for those relevant readers, an 08er is looking for fellow Albrighters; do with that information what you will.

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