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Inspired by fan_the_vote, stakebait has a poll up about doing a voter registration drive: making fanfic/art for people who register to vote.

sophia_helix posts about LJ’s influence on fannish discussion (I love her description: "It stops being The Internet Talking To You About Buffy, and starts being 79 Strangers Talking About Buffy, Stargate, That One Fandom You Hate, And Their Bosses.") and marginalia follows up with why/how she blogs.

raedbard explains how the Aeneid is fanfiction.

themonkeycabal explains why, for her, original fic is harder to write than fanfic:
To me, writing fan fic is like playing a video game, whereas writing original fic is like programming the video game.

In fan fic my world is already created, my characters defined; the words, the politics, the settings, the tools, it's all already there for me to use, or abuse, as I see fit. In developing an original story, none of that is there until I create it, until I define it. The slate, she is completely blank. Quite frankly, I find original fic a terrifying process in some ways, liberating in others. At this very moment, however, it's mostly terrifying.
vylit posts: "It Ain't Easy Being A Hero ~ Moral Absolutism & The H Word"
Money quote: "Many of the characters that fall do so not because they are inherently bad or evil, but because the line between acceptable and unacceptable means becomes blurred."
She also points out that we are often easier on characters who behave worse than the hero because we don’t expect as much from them as we do from the hero.

phineasjonesFriday textslash challenge was: " ... and then they had sex." This made me wanna write fic again, but i was blanking, so i’m asking for requests of a sort. Give me a pairing and 1-3 other things: setting/object/phrase. I mostly only do Whedonverse, but feel free to suggest anyone from any universe you think i’m familiar with.


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