Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"but hey at least you don't have to play along today"

Mmm... so i was almost all caught up on LJ when my brother caught me. He was actually intending to be on his way to bed, but then we got talking about applying to college. His CollegeBoard.com profile has 34 institutions, but he currently has it narrowed down to Carnegie Mellon, Rensselaer, Brown, Duke, MIT, CalTech, and maybe WPI. We’re gonna go visit Brown and quite possibly Duke together.

Near the end of the conversation i was thinking about my brother actually being at college and feeling weirded out. It’s funny, recently Emma said to me: "My sister’s starting to look at colleges! Make it stop!" and i said: "I've reconciled myself to the fact that my brother's looking at colleges rather well. It probably helps that i've never particularly thought of him as a child (except of course when we were both children). I have plenty of "I'm too young to be feeling old" moments re: kids i knew as very little kids being in middle school or whatever." The fact that my brother is looking at colleges doesn’t feel weird to me, maybe ‘cause it feels like “Well i just did that, that’s what normal people do,” but actually thinking about him being in college pushes him from the realm of my little brother into the realm occupied by my peers, which is so weird.

It’s funny that i’m figuring out how to do the whole applying to grad school while simultaneously advising my brother on applying to undergrad. I’m getting a more coherent understanding in my head of whatall i’m doing and how to do it, though. And i seem to have an “applying to grad school” program constantly running in the background in my brain -- drafting statements of purpose, etc.

I showed my brother the website for the place i’m interning and dude, the Girl Talks i helped edit are up -- women in the Olympics and partial-birth abortion ban. I feel all cool. Other stuff i web-coded is also up, but i actually worked on the text of these articles (not to mention fun stuff like fact-checking *rolls eyes*).

ladyvivien has me thinking about Pimms. Can you get this anywhere in the States? Googling gets me mixes that you can buy online. I think when i have my own place i’m gonna experiment with lemonade and fruit and alcohol. Apparently Pimms can have a base of gin, whisky, brandy, rum, rye, or vodka. How versatile. I wonder what the kind we had at Oxford was.

Mmm... almost all caught up on LJ. Am not gonna respond to whatever has happened since i updated as it’s hella late. Feels good to be mostly caught up, though. As noted in the previous entry, i still have lots to do, of course. And i have a backlog of e-mails from my father, so there'll be another cut-tagged post of political linkage at some point. But i'd been in pseudo-hibernation since about Friday with weekending, working, and grad school researching, so i fell behind in LJ [I totally skimmed any long entries; apologies.] and i always feel accomplished catching up on that even though i know there are far more important things for me to be working on.

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