Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Friday the 13th falls on a Friday this month.

Og, i am so full. There was so much food at the end-of-program party. My mom’s working late (leaving on a well-deserved vacation tomorrow) so it’s not like i had any dinner to come home to anyway. (If i had been expecting dinner, i would have eaten considerably less food at Teen Voices.) Now my tummy hurts, though. *sighs*

Early today Shani was making award certificates for all the girls in Publisher, and it wasn’t taken her keyboard command for the accented e for one girl’s last name. I suggested changing to Times New Roman for that one letter since many of the fancy fonts don’t include accented characters. “Oh what a good idea.” Still wasn’t working, though. It was at this point that i found out she was using a keyboard command. I suggested Insert Symbol because maybe the keyboard command is different in Publisher than in Word. Lo, it worked. She was excited. This is why they’re paying me the big bucks, no? ;)

Questions for the tech-savvy:
The design computer (a Mac) has Epson Smart Panel scanner, but every time i try to scan something it starts scanning and then System Controller crashes. Thoughts?
Also, PhotoShop (on that same Mac) seems to have randomly decided that really we don’t need to see most of the toolbars/menu options.

I have a nice stack of work for next week, including creating more poetry batches at my leisure and calling people requesting promotional photos of various celebs to go along with a couple articles. I left messages with 4/6 today. Two people i’m still trying to find contact info for. Trying to track down people’s agents/publicists? Damn hard. And some places, like Virgin Records? nigh impossible to get contact info for. *growls* So i’m supposed to keep calling them back until i get an answer. Oh and i have to call the UN back, because they haven’t returned my message yet. Much though i’m often not deeply enamoured of this experience, i think i’ll leave with a solid accumulation of employable skills. (And i really wanna learn how to bartend next year. So if i don’t get into grad school, i will be so eminently employable. And my fallback plan is massage school, which will make me mad popular.)

Took the train home with Edward Maclean or whatever his name is. You know, the guy who will talk to me forever at the library. (Like that narrows it down, right?) He’s a nice enough guy, less creepy than some. He like never shuts up, though. He told me about Coupling (the British show) for oh, half, the train ride. Then he asked if i was very familiar with BBC shows and i mentioned Blackadder and for the rest of the train ride he talked about Blackadder, Dr. Who, Star Wars, The X-Files, Blake 7, and touched on Harrison Ford, Farscape, Andromeda, Star Trek, and even a passing mention of Buffy. He is the only adult i have ever heard self-identify as a fanboy. And what’s interesting is that he said it so unselfconsciously.

Okay, now to tackle the backlog of LJ comments/entries and e-mails.

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