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random bits before i head to bed

Posts of library love make me happy.

Look. The bottom one. "Slash is my anti-drug." I just love that sentence.

Beth is impressed by my incredible busyness. I'm flattered. I also feel motivated to live up to it. I spend altogether too much time making mix CDs recently, but i have decided that is okay. The plan for tomorrow [today] is mix CDs and letters, because then i will have way fewer excuses to not go through the warehouse of my room. (27 days until i return to Smith....) Oh, and did i mention that i'm working from 9-5? I need a brain transplant. I also need to hear from Laurel or else i'm not going to Philly and i will have turned down days of work for nothing (not to mention missed out on seeing her, though there's always flying down to Florida on Winter Break...).
Tags: icons: made by others, library love

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