Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

*stabs my internship*

I've left a slew of voicemails for those people whose phone numbers i could track down, requesting promotional photos to accompany articles we're doing. Currently all lines at the Washington UNHCR office are busy. I have tried twice (once on Tuesday, once this morning) to e-mail sections to the design account so that i can put them in the appropriate web templates (the design computer isn't on the fileserver) but they're not showing up in the design e-mail box. I found a short story we can potentially use, but am sick of going through the poetry putting together themed sections. I think i was supposed to work on a Powerscope. *stabs* She said Amanda had been working on it. There's an unfinished September one on the fileserver, so i imagine that's what i'm to work on. Hmm, looks like there's a whole slew of birthdays already researched, so judging from the current online Powerscopes i think i'm just supposed to come up with a "Your Special Power" to accompany each one -- one for all 12 astrological signs. [edit: Looking at them more, it looks more like each "special power" is supposed to be related to something going in the world -- news events or whatever -- so maybe i'll skip that after all as i don't really know how to go about doing that and it wasn't on my official To Do list, was just something she mentioned verbally, so given my experience here so far my guess is she won't remember she had mentioned it to me unless i remind her.] I think i'm gonna take tomorrow off (stay home and e-mail umpteen professors and current grad students, since i think i've finally exhausted all the possible PhD program options for what i want) since she said i could make a decision about whether i would have enough work to do and she won't be in on Tuesday either, so at least if i'm not in on Friday there might be a prayer of my having some stuff to do come Tuesday.

I had stuff-of-substance entries in progress, but it's all on my computer at home. Haven't checked my flist or responded to comments since like Monday. I think i want to escape into a good book or something. *sighs* Okay, i will call the UN back, have lunch, come up with at least one themed poetry section and bullshit special powers, do up a nice list of everything i've accomplished, go to H's party, and then come home and sleep and have a much better day tomorrow. (Maybe some copious movie viewing to reward myself after i compose and send umpteen e-mails.)

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