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Around 10:30 last night my computer decided that it wasn’t going to let me run any programs or do anything. Tonight it seems fine, though, thank all that is holy.

So here’s the rambly entry that was supposed to be posted last night.

Well i kinda crashed after work today. See, Beth, i am human. :)

My father took apart the keyboard today to clean it, so now the lefthand Shift key doesn’t work (and at times one has to hit the A key kinda hard to make it work). This annoys me. On the up side, though, at least i’ll be back at Smith with my computer soon.

More people complimented me on my hair cut today. Margot still stands by her assertion that it makes me look 12. She said i’ll appreciate it when i’m 50 and i look 12. I informed her that i was done looking 12 once i was done being 12. Cindy said it looks very age-appropriate, that i look like i could be out of college, going into the working world, very mature. This older guy who comes in lot and is friendly with Margot complimented me on the haircut. I love that i’m there so much that even people who don’t know me know me. Lindsay McLean also complimented me on my haircut. I didn’t post about when he came in a second time and i hid in the back, but there was a second time, making today the third encounter. Today he engaged in a bit of conversation and as soon as he seemed to be done i went and worked in the back. That was around 3:30. He hung around for a while and then he seemed to have disappeared. When i got off at 5, Kathy told me he was over by the Mystery section, reading, so she advised me to leave directly, out the other door. Like she said, it could be totally legitimate, but.

Greetings Elizabeth,
Here is your horoscope for Wednesday, August 7.

Wise shoppers, no matter what their socioeconomic status, will always take advantage of a bargain. Your sense of beauty is balanced by your practical side. At this rate, you're sure to get the future that you deserve.

I was looking at myself in the mirror with these nice dangly blue stone earrings, the butterfly t-shirt everyone compliments me on, my new haircut, and my lips wet from my drink so i looked like i had lipstick on, and i looked my age and i looked good.

My right boot totally fell apart today. Damn, i knew i should have looked at shoes when i was in Union Square. The weird thing is that the left boot is still in almost perfect condition. I may actually hang around in flat shoes for a while. I could probably use some new pants, too. Oh back to school shopping.

If i don’t go to Philly maybe i’ll actually finish all these mixes and get all my letters written and cal Joe. Go silver lining.

American Idol has eaten my father’s brain.

Hey, my (personal) computer is willing to read my disk again. Thank Goddess. (I think it was just the heat wave making it angry.) Maybe i’ll get my NYC trip entry done after all, now that i can write it in my room and just transfer it.

Given that they’re quite possibly Joe’s absolute favorite band, i’m amused by the prevalence of Dave Matthews Band hate. First, years ago, a zine friend (whom sadly i’ve lost touch with) wrote a brief rant in her zine about DMB (the ickiness of “Crash” -- “hike up your skirt a little more...” -- and such). That was my first thought when Joe first told me how much he loved DMB. Then recently i read this. And then today Kathy was talking about how her daughter (who’s gonna be starting her first year at college) and her roommate seem like they’re going to get along really well. She said the roommate likes the same kinda music as her daughter -- jazz and stuff, and thank God she doesn’t like Dave Matthews Band. She said something about them being the prototypical suburban band or something, and i thought that was interesting because Joe has said that he could live in the city or the country but he just can’t take the suburbs. But i ramble.
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