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musefool talks about POV here. Interesting. I know i’ve written stuff in first and second person before, but i think i’ve only ever written fanfic from third person (limited) omniscient.

dorrie6 has been thinking about "what writers like in their own work as opposed to what their readers respond to" and asked for people to tell her which stories of their own they love (5 at most). It was interesting to go back through the stuff i’ve finished enough to post. [Oh and for the record, i don’t know which stuff of mine i like best. Some of the ficathon stuff i was proud of myself for managing to write the requested pairing. Some stuff i was impressed that i had actually managed to write a lot of plot/dialogue, not just sex. Other stuff i felt i really nailed a particular character’s voice and was proud of myself for that. And then there’s stuff where i just really enjoyed the pairing i was writing.]

A recent discussion with lilithchilde reminded me of how we had once talked about how i’ve written lots of smut but have difficulty writing actual plot and she was surprised because she said that for most people, sex is what they have trouble writing. My perspective is that sex is basically a limited number of options in terms of body part interactions, and then you tailor that to the particular characters involved. But actually coming up with things for people to talk about, situations for them to interact in, that kind of stuff involves actual thought and creativity. One can argue about how easy it is to write sex that really feels organic to the characters, sex that doesn’t suffer from Any Two People syndrome, etc., but i think in general, it’s easier to write sex than to write plot. But that’s just me. I’m really curious to hear other people’s thoughts on this.

Sisabet & dawn and made: "Country Cavalcade (or How We Learned Premiere) -- This vid is a medley of Goodbye Earl, Family Tradition, and Pink Houses." "Goodbye Earl" (the first 2 minutes of the video) is brilliant (and they even avoided using the vid bit that always makes me wince!). Oh, the rest of it is good, too. 3:13-end is all about Xander, whom i’m not madly in love with, but as always the vidders do a great job of matching words to images.

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