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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Oh, working with people.

Yesterday, this woman comes in, wants one of the local papers for Aug. 5, is looking for a specific article. We didn’t get the paper that day. Yes, ma’am, i’m sure the paper came out that day, it just didn’t get delivered to us. This sometimes happens and is not our fault. She’s angry and insulting our library (you would expect a good library to get the local paper etc. etc.) and finally calls the paper, finds out it’s the 19th (page 11), which is the most recent issue and thus up in the reading room. I assume she found it okay because that’s the last we heard from her.

Then, that night, MH comes in, asks me what i’ve been reading. Since the honest answer is “Well, i just finished My Gender Workbook and i’m currently reading Bound and Gagged: Pornography and the Politics of Fantasy in America,” i babble some vague stuff. Thankfully it’s busy, so i get to keep interrupting him with “Can i help yous” aimed at people standing in line. It makes me sad when it’s busy and i have to do that while talking to people i want to talk to, because they usually take it as a cue to leave, but when it’s someone i’m not particularly keen on talking to, it’s a very good thing.

Other fun included books sans barcode (one a bookdrop return, one from the shelf -- a patron wanted to take it out; obviously i couldn’t, since there was no barcode), and a CD which had been put in its security case badly so you can’t remove it without breaking one of the cases. (Betty suggested maybe when Michele came back she’d be so angry she’d just take a hammer to it. Honestly, this is not farfetched at all.)

I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that night. Pretty.

I went to Teen Voices for a whole hour and a half today. I thought Ellyn’s absence today was separate from her absence last week, but apparently not. So since i had my mom’s T-pass (delays in moving the office = extended vacation) and the next train to my suburb was almost 2 hours away, i headed to The Garment District. F-ing hard to find. (Yes, i had a map, but the direction one is supposed to head in is not intuitive, and the streets have an annoying propensity to change their names.) Found it, though, and now know how to get to it easily from the Kendall station. Spent about 10 bucks in the Dollar a Pound section. Poked around in the pricier second floor but didn’t find anything i particularly wanted.

Where does one buy a white (spring, not bridal) dress? I considered buying a slip but decided against it.

I want to be rich so i can have pants tailor-made. And maybe shoes.

I didn’t think i was gonna make the 12:45 home because it was 12:30 when i got back to Kendall station. I had to wait a few minutes for the train, and when it got in to South Station i figured i could maybe make it if i raced but that that wasn’t feasible carrying a 6.6 pound bag. So i come off the escalator, see that it’s 12:44, and check the board to see which track it’s on. I look out at Track 4, see that it’s not parked a mile away, and that in fact there are people walking toward it. So i run, getting some odd looks from the people i catch up with, and get in an open car. The train must have come in late and thus had its departure delayed, because when we finally started moving i looked at my watch and it was 12:50.

And then i saw Ruthie on the way home and we made a lunch date. And i ate the rest of my pasta alfredo for lunch. Yum.

The Olympics... all about the rocks? ;)

Oh, i forgot to mention ship_manifesto ("a project designed to bring together shippers of every conceivable pairing and share with the world what it is that draws us to those pairings") in my fannish entry. Go check it out.

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