Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"It was a last minute invitation..."

Said my farewells at the library this afternoon. Got lots of hugs.

Aw, Ginny e-mailed my mom:
Dear Barbara,

I intended to mention that I was impressed with Elizabeth's letter to the editor in yesterday's Bulletin, but by the time I quit it slipped my mind. I still remember the first one she wrote on the same subject quite some time ago.

I was looking for this week’s copy at the library today, but it seems to have vanished. Le sigh.

The dry-cleaning bill was not as obscene as i had thought it might be. This is of the good.

Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man is not the best book i have ever read, but i recommend “Searching for Truth in Bowling for Columbine” (one of the chapters therein). I managed to learn even more things i didn’t know about that "documentary," and there were interesting tidbits in some of the other sections, including:
Moore was born and raised in Davison, Michigan, and attended Davison High School. While Davison is near Flint, proximity doesn’t translate to similarity between the two towns. Davison is the wealthy, white “bedroom town” of the area, largely inhabited by management, not labor. Davison’s median household income is one and a half times that of Flint’s, and its median income is one and a half times that of Flint’s. Davison’s 2000 unemployment rate was a minuscule 4.6 percent, a third that of Flint’s, and its poverty rate was half the national average. Davison is also lily-white to a staggering degree: African-Americans make up only one-half of one percent of its population.
Sitting at the family computer [located in the center of the house] tonight burning CDs i had that desperate feeling i often get of “OMG i can’t wait to be back in a room with a door on a computer with all my stuff on it always connected to the Internet surrounded by all my stuff” (i am also expecting to be bored senseless tomorrow since i’ve read all my library books). I started packing my clothes and then realized there was nowhere really to put the bags of clothes and it barely takes any time to put them all in bags (which is what “packing clothes” is) so that’s gonna wait until Saturday night.

Leaving around 10am Sunday morning. Will be in my Smith room and accessible by about 2pm.

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