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"Where all of the women are strong..."

Every year i try to take less crap to school with me, and every year it's an effort to make it all fit into the car. This is due in part to the fact that it's not a particularly large car. And i have a desktop computer. I think i'm going to get a laptop when i go to grad school. I'm growing enamoured of having less excess in my life.

It only took us about 2 hours to get to Smith yesterday. Central Check-In was easy. My father and i set up my computer while my mother alphabetized my CDs (she asked if she could make herself useful) and then we went to the Florence Diner for lunch (first my dad ate at Lamont, though, 'cause that makes him happy and besides it was his birthday). Driving up to Florence the gas on the right-hand side of the road was $1.74/gallon and on the left-hand side $1.89. Real weird. After lunch my parents left and i unpacked all my stuff (though i still haven't put my posters up) and discovered that i had in fact packed my Ethernet cord, which was a relief. I must have inadvertently left a box of stuff at home 'cause i can't find: most of the zines i thought i brought, various room decoratey stuff, and my hammer. Guess that'll have to wait until i go home in October. Am trying to figure out what to do with my door since most of what i wanted to put up on it is at home. I also didn't pack enough clothes hangers or the cord for my stereo, but that was just sloppiness on my part.

I spent lots of time hanging out with Liz and Elaine chatting. (And i stole my chair back from the 3rd floor kitchenette, which was good.) It's good to be back. It felt so normal to be moving back in. Of course this is due in part to the fact that it's my 4th year in the building, my 3rd year in the same room, the 4th time i've moved in, but it also just feels completely natural to be back here, which is nice. Though then today i had lunch and was reminded of just how few people i feel at home around. I really should get to know the first-years, particularly the ones i already kinda know through LJ.

Liz lent me her books from when she took Dead Sea Scrolls, so that was exciting. F-ing $72 Riverside Shakespeare... *grumbles* Weird to think that Convocation is tonight and classes start tomorrow. Getting here early for SAA training last year and then staying late 'cause of my UMass class i've gotten used to having low-key time here hanging out with people and stuff.

Had dinner with Meredith, Isabel, Sarah, and some of their peoples. Then hung out with Meredith and Sarah, chatting and wandering around town. Came back to my house around 8. Was tired and considering just going to bed. Also considering going to say to Emma since i'd been talking to her before Meredith stole me away at dinner. ('Cause it's not like Emma and i hadn't said hi a million times already that day.) I saw her go downstairs so i followed her and we ended up chatting until about 2:30, mostly in her room and often with Liz stopping by and joining in. Yayness.

Went back to my room and saw Rachel, chatted with her for a long time which was good. Went to bed after 4. Woke up after 10. Not bad. Went to CVS to buy stuff i had forgotten i didn't already have when i was packing, like toothpaste. Was gonna get white tights at Target, but the PVTA doesn't run today 'cause it's Labor Day.

So yeah, that's about all my news. Convocation tonight. Am psyched about costume. Classes begin tomorrow. Will be begging to get into my Advertising and Visual Culture class. (When i registered in the spring, Banner told me it capped at 13 and i was #1 on the waitlist. When i checked this morning to find out what room it was in it said it has a cap of 20 with 3 remaining slots. Yeah, Banner's on crack. But the course applies to what i wanna do in grad school, so i think i have a good shot of being able to beg my way into the class. Speaking of, must catch up on grad school e-mails and e-mail Smith profs about letters of recommendation -- and e-mail other Smith people about unrelated stuff while i'm at it.) For now i think i'm gonna catch up on LJ and decorate. Oh yeah, and i must remember that dinner tonight is the all-college barbecue.

If you want me, it's Lamont 212 x4370.

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