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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Do i emit some sort of vibe that attracts sketchy guys?

At work yesterday, Cindy told me that Lindsay McLean was still there after i’d gone home and he was over in fiction (which is right in front of the circulation desk) talking to a young woman. They didn’t know if they knew each other or not, so Kathy Markan went over to give the girl an out. She went over and politely informed them that sound really carries (which it so does in our building) and the girl said Oh, well I have to get going anyway, but then they walked out together, so maybe they do know each other or maybe he’s just really hard to escape. Cindy said that while they were watching he was basically doing all the talking, that the girl looked interested but barely got a word in edgewise.

So this afternoon i get IMed by “Ca1818” (probably because i have chess in my Hobbies in my AOL profile).

Ca8118: hey
me: hi
me: who are you?
Ca8118: hi, chad from florida
Ca8118: interesting profile, how old are you?
me: 19
Ca8118: have you ever taken an IQ test?
me: haven't really updated it much in over a year, though -- i'm not on much anymore
me: an online one, yeah
Ca8118: what'd you get on that one?
me: i think 155
Ca8118: was it this one? Take Our All New In-Depth IQ Test!
me: yeah, i think so
Ca8118: nice score!
me: :) thanks
Ca8118: what did you get on the SATs?
me: 1440
Ca8118: o..k
Ca8118: woah
me: *sheepish grin*
Ca8118: i was going to ask you to play chess, but i believe i've changed my mind
me: haha
Ca8118: you probably play with a timer and all
me: i'm actually not that good at chess to be honest
me: no, i'm def. a total amateur

So then my computer didn’t wanna let me play either Yahoo or AOL. Sigh. So we had a fairly normal conversation, except that it was all about me - if i played any sports in high school, what my post-college plans are, etc. Then “may i ask what you look like” I answer fairly vaguely and point out that this has been all about me and i know nothing about him. He says “i'm 6'2 220 lbs brown hair and brown eyes.” I ask him how old he is.

Ca8118: i turned 30 august 5th
me: and you want the stats of a 19 year old? there's something wrong there.
Ca8118: yes, i am wrong, i am completely wrong, a horrib;e person
Ca8118: i simply wanted to picture the person i was chatting with
me: well now you have a vague picture. happy now?
Ca8118: yeah, short girls are cute
me: thanks
Ca8118: looks aren't a big deal to me anyways, the stat that interested me most was your sat score
Ca8118: i've always adored really smart girls
me: you're making a really good comeback here
Ca8118: are you being sarcastic
me: no, i'm being serious
Ca8118: well it's sexy, i hope you don't mind be bluntly saying that
me: no, i don't mind

So then he says he has to go get a bite to eat and hopefully we’ll chat later.
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