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"It's a beautiful day..."

I woke up this morning, and it was dry. I was so happy. It's not that i dislike the rain, but it had been so constantly wet these past few days that everything was getting saturated -- wooden doors and bannisters damp and sticky, posters curling. I checked weather.com last night: Humidity=83%. This afternoon: 50%. Beautiful clear blue skies, breezy.

This week i've been shopping classes and not wanting to take any of them, feeling like i just wanna read what i care about and not jump through other people's hoops of papers and projects and suchlike, which casts further doubt on the whole grad school prospect, but during my free block this morning i looked at the list of pre-approved Five-College classes at the Registrar's office and was dorking out about lots of them, which makes me feel better. Now i get to look them all up online and see if any are TR afternoons (my free block). And tonight i get to sleep, which is very good.

My room decorateys arrived today. Not everything, but a lot, and some stuff i had forgotten about, so it's a reasonable wash and i'll get the rest when i go home in October, and for now my door is far less empty which is very good.

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