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Life has been generally good. At bit too busy for my liking, but i’ve/it’s been settling into manageableness, and i think by next weekend it’ll be all good. Have been working on an update. Eventually it will actually get posted.

There are lots of cool people in my life, both new and returning, and yet humanity keeps aggravating me. Hopefully a lot of this will be over come November 3. Am very tempted to get drunk with M&S that Tuesday night.

Speaking of M: it would be bad to go see a movie just for a trailer, right?
Universal announces January 14th, 2005 as the premiere date of the Serenity trailer in theaters in response to a fan's inquiry. The trailer will debut with the Marvel Comics movie, " Elektra," starring Jennifer Garner.
And the latest from the Joss blog:
Well, sports fans, it's official. The movie is shot. Done. And I couldn't be happier to be through with it. No more of that exciting, vibrant set, that warm camaraderie, that creative stimulus, free donuts... Excuse me. I have something in my eye... free donuts...

Oh, there's things I'll miss. But there's definitely things I WON'T miss.
In no particular order:

1) Fillion. People who are prettier than me are not supposed to be funnier than me. I think it's a guild thing. And that whole 'gracious and professional' thing got old on day ONE, you know what I mean?

2) Cinematographer Jack Green. This guy lights stuff ALL THE TIME. Seriously, like eighty-three percent of the shots had light in them. He totally didn't get my "Just Like Radio" concept for the film.

3) The incessant meddling of the studio: where was it? We waited and waited, what, are they all too busy and important to take the time to ruin my little film? This is Hollywood, people. Learn our ways and customs while you're here. Sheesh.

Just a taste of the Hell I've been through. And being surrounded by beautiful women, and, let's face it, beautiful men, all of whom get along, work hard and play their characters with such ease and nuance it's clear they were born for the roles -- who needs that?

But no matter how much I suffer for my art, it's worth it. 'Cause come April 22nd I think we'll be bringing you an exciting film that's a powerful statement about the right to be free. Which is not as cool as my original statement about the right to tasty garlic mussels in a cilantro broth, but the freedom thing's okay too. The editing started this week, and after just a first cut I can safely say this will be the greatest film since whatever film comes out right before it. And I'm not backing down from that.

Thanks for your support. And I mean that more literally than people usually do -- Coming back from the Chicago Con and telling people there was a Serenity booth put up and run entirely by fans... you should have seen their faces. Hell, you should have seen mine. But not too close. And not before, like, 10:00 -- maybe 11:00 a.m. And maybe sort of from the side. The back-ish part of the side. You should have seen my hair.

Be well. Good things are coming.


Melissa Ferrick and Tegan and Sara are playing at Pearl Street Sunday October 17. I’m kinda tempted to go.

For susiebabylon and dealupa: http://www.livejournal.com/community/smithies08/170307.html

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