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Letters to the Editor from the last 3 issues of the Norwood Bulletin

July 25, 2002 (p. 5)

Walsh’s vote on gay bill a slap at voters
To the Editor:

Senator Marian Walsh’s vote to adjourn instead of vote on the Protection of Marriage Amendment last Thursday was deeply disappointing. She and many other of our elected representatives chose to ignore the will of the people, specifically the 130,000 residents who signed the petition.

By pandering to the well-funded gay lobby, Senator Walsh’s vote to adjourn was a slap in the fact to those who believe that traditional marriage is of fundamental importance to the fabric of our society. To not even allow the petition to be discussed and voted on was a monumental blunder on her part. She has lost my vote in future elections and those of many other voters who will now look for representatives who reflect the will of the people.

Jim MacPherson
Washington Street

August 1, 2002 (p. 4)

Walsh shouldn’t ignore voters
To the Editor:

I agree with the letter from Jim MacPherson on July 25, ‘Walsh’s vote on gay bill a slap at voters.’

I have admired her work in the State Senate for many years, but lately she has been going against the grain that I adhere to.

I realize none of our elected officials will always act the same way we would, but when it comes to her sworn duty to vote on matters coming before the Senate, she should vote and not give in to the selfish desires of the Senate president.

I, too, am disappointed that she did not want to vote on the marriage bill and hope she realizes what a mistake it is to go against the wishes of thousands of voters who are seeking a change in the State Constitution.

Bertrand Shannon
Audubon Road

August 8, 2002 (p. 8)

Thank you, Senator
To the Editor:

We are writing to express our appreciation to out State Senator, Marian Walsh, for her courage in joining the great majority of her colleagues in voting to bring closure to the DOMA initiative that would introduce into our state constitution anti-gay and anti-alternative family wording.

We Americans are blessed to live in a country that is based on principles of equality for all under the law. Any effort to exclude a minority group of Americans from basic legal entitlements, based simply on who they are, is wrong and should be stopped, even when that effort is cloaked in the garb of religion and custom.

We are grateful that Senator Walsh and a great majority of her colleagues believe in these principles and have the courage to act on them.

Leah O’Leary, 13 Devon Road, Norwood Paul Plato, 13 Devon Road, Norwood Charles Behrens, 5 Manchester Road, Norwood Russ Tanner, 382 Winter Street, Norwood Beth Goldman, 1 Marion Avenue, Norwood Daniel P. B. Smith, 35 Mountain Ave, Norwood,
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