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From: Bill Oram
To: ENG 256

Dear Folks,

I think that, given mountain day, it's probably better to postpone the first draft of the first paper until Monday evening.

Still don't think i'm going to Senior Pub Crawl tonight (Packards, 10pm) but this means i get to sleep. Sure it's more to add to my insanely long To Do list for the weekend, but it means i get to keep my sanity and my health.

And Big/Little Sib revealing is candlelight dinner tonight. And half.com isn't closing after all. And i got to have lunch with Allie and Emma and the open-face garden sandwiches were delish (in past years they've been so-so). Yeah, life is good.

P.S. Am i the the only person who likes the new LJ update format? I like having all the options on a single page, and previewing your icon, and the nice preview format (reminds me of Semagic -- i mostly prefer web update mode, but i liked its preview). And maybe it's just the resolution on my computer, but i don't have to scroll horizontally.

Edit: Interesting alternative update mode.

Also: Senior Photos next Tuesday-Thursday? Thanks for the advance notice, people.

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