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So, i'm getting enamored of Semagic. When did that happen?

Am singing the Reading Rainbow theme song. Is saava's fault.

I'm taking the GRE when i go home for Fall Break. The website has been giving me "Error on page" when i try to go through the registration process, though, so i'll probably have to do it over the phone. Last night i dreamt that i was home and trying to register to take the GRE and it wasn't working and i couldn't do it by mail because you have to wait weeks for it to get processed and for a voucher to get sent to you, so i decided to put off applying to grad school for a year because i couldn't take the GRE.

Hubbard was out of organic peanut butter this morning, so i tried the cashew butter and almond butter. Interesting. I think i still want peanut butter on my bagel, though.

When Suzannah came in today, she thanked me for doing her assignment on Monday. At work today, my tasks included washing and drying cups and saucers. We got a new Swingline heavy-duty stapler. Is very user-friendly. ::stops self from dorking about a stapler 'cause really now:: I work with such sweet people. Margi called to say she wasn't gonna be in today, and she asked me how work was and i mentioned the stapler and she agreed it was exciting and she said something about looking forward to seeing me and just really, very sweet.

Aw, Jonah's working his way through the seasons of Buffy (started this summer after i made him watch the musical episode). It's really interesting watching someone watching it for the first time (even though he knows generally a lot of what's going to happen). And then we dork out and i try to recall the specifics of episodes and why i felt the way i did about them. At some point i wanna rewatch the whole series from the beginning. Would be interesting, rewatching knowing all that happens later.

At Radical Catholics tonight, Cordelia mentioned that she only reads vampire books. She's currently reading Undead and Unwed. Vampire chick lit! And pulling this up on Amazon, there's apparently an entire genre, not just this one author. Wow.

Rachel was hanging out in my room the other night and poking around LJ and saying how it was so interesting to see stuff through my eyes. When you're logged in to your LJ account, your listed interests and friends show up in bold when you're viewing other people's profiles, so it's interesting to be poking around profiles when you're logged in to someone else's account. (P.S. Thank you for the note on my door. I love you, too.)

As You Like It is not a very good play (begins with shades of Romeo and Juliet, except this isn't a tragedy; then probably every romantic comedy ever, including Twelfth Night -- which is Shakespeare getting it right) but OMG SO GAY!

Bill Oram says it's his favorite play -- because he's in love with Rosalind. See me not mentioning the interesting dynamics of a man in love with a girl who dresses up as a boy in a very very gay play. Now, she is interesting, but she doesn't redeem the whole play. I want to care about other characters, and the play doesn't let me. (Celia is clearly in love with Rosalind and only marries Orlando's brother to stay near her. And does Rosalind really love Orlando at all? And Duke Senior and Sir Rowland were so in love; did Duke Frederick banish him in a fit of jealousy? Oh wait, maybe that's why Duke Frederick let's everything go at the end! He found a new gay lover -- who may or may not have actually been a monk. And is Touchstone really so desperate that he'll marry Audrey? So much of this was done so much better in Twelfth Night. Clearly someone needs to do a big ole rewrite of this play.)

Emma keeps talking about Flannery O'Connor and now i wanna reread her stuff because i remember the religion in her stories being dark and troubling -- not full-on propaganda at all. I read her collected short stories in a few sittings, but what i most remember of hers is Wise Blood since we did it in class.

If i'm not allowed to rag on Catholicism, Allie's not allowed to rag on Calvinism. (I do love you, though.)

I just wanna do self-injury education awareness stuff, but that's not really starting until next semester, so i may get sucked into doing general Healthy Heads stuff. I like that they're gonna do a workshop on how to help friends who have problems and how to tell your friends how to help you and probably a sidebar on how Counseling Services works.

Presentation of the English major is gonna be Wednesday, October 20, from 4-5pm, in Seelye 207. My boss says academic stuff takes priority, so even though i'm scheduled to be at work both that afternoon and the afternoon of the curriculum committee meeting, i get to leave early and attend both. This year the only other liaison besides me is a junior, so hopefully we can find one or two other people to recruit so she's not own her own next year. Also, in preparation for the curriculum committee meeting, any actual feedback on English classes whatever ("This sucks" is not helpful.) is welcomed. My e-mail's in my LJ profile.

As i've mentioned before, i'm taking a class at UMass called Brave New Worlds (the Spire blurb says: utopian and dystopian novels and the ability of literature to generate social critique). The actual syllabus is almost wholly different from the book listing on the course website. Being a dork i'll likely read all of them (plus other ones not on either list, like George Orwell's Animal Farm, Yevgeny Zamyatin's We, Thomas Moore's Utopia). A lot of the authors are gonna be in class if anyone wants to come (Goessmann 20).

From the syllabus:

"Brave New Worlds stands at the point where are engages society. The books we are reading have been selected because they are works of imagination that can trigger reconsideration of basic social elements: sex, reproduction, education, religion, science, communications, technology, economics, recreation, labor, political organization, and of course the role of art itself."

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
1984 - George Orwell
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Philip K. Dick
The Futurological Congress - Stanislaw Lem
Linden Hills - Gloria Naylor
Teacher - Mark Edmundson [Author in class Thursday October 21]
Property - Valerie Martin [Author in class Thursday October 28]
The Gangster We Are All Looking For - lê thi diem thúy [Author in class Thursday November 4]
The Translator - Joan Crowley [Author in class Thursday November 18]
Island - Aldous Huxley

From the Comp-Lit website:

"This course studies novels that present and represent Modernist totalitarian worlds, and Post-modern worlds of fragmentation, diversity and abandonment. It will address issues of interest in the current cultural crisis, for example: What have governments done, and what should they do? Is individualism tenable in a world of five billion people? Is freedom an absolute condition? And what role does art in particular and culture in general hope to play in the era of global Consumerism?"

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
Island - Aldous Huxley
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - Philip K. Dick
A Scanner Darkly - Philip K. Dick
Neuromancer - William Gibson
The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood
Parable of the Sower - Octavia E. Butler
Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson

My techie brother (intended major: computer science) gave me his most recent list of college choices. If anyone wants to pass along thoughts about any of these, feel free.

Carnegie Mellon
Case Western
Johns Hopkins
Washington University at St. Louis
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