Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"and you've got to think, with a girl like that, any love at all is better than nothing"

Well, ConDuct finally got its schedule up. It starts, tomorrow, of course. I think i will skip chick flick night at my house to spend an hour and a half at the Buffyverse thing. And i wanna attend almost all of the Room 311 panels. 'Cause it's not like i have a big ole Dead Sea Scrolls paper to write or anything. *stabs* (And i wanna do the long paper option for Intro Bible, but that necessitates coming up with a topic by Wednesday. ::sighs:: )

Smith does up a schedule of events for Family Weekend, right? It would be nice to see one of them, though usually all the stuff is missable and i'm already accumulating my own list of stuff to do with my parents that weekend.

Is Lutheranism the epitome of grace over works doctrine or something? Because both Joel and Karl mentioned it in their respective classes recently when discussing the whole grace vs. works thing.

I was gonna have vegan nuggets at Hubbard for lunch today but ended talking to Allie outside Hubbard for 20 minutes, so i went in and got myself some peanut butter cookies and she gave me her yummy blueberry muffin. And after my UMass class i had Haymarket with Liz Carr and she bought me a smoothie and a molasses cookie. And i finally gave her the Christine Lavin mix CD i made for her.

I wrote more fic during my UMass class. Usually i'm that girl who can't write plot but can write sex (whether it's any good is of course debatable) and yet here i am with a ficathon request that's basically SEX and i'm having difficulty getting my characters into bed without extensive plot build-up.

I'm amused that i want more icons even though i seem to only ever use this one.

So Smith has free bartender training that only legitimates you for Smith College parties. Bah.

I hear Wonderfalls is scheduled to come out on DVD January 18. Whee.

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