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"under the night, forever falling"

From Acamedia:
Monday, October 4
"Myths, Folktale, and the Construction of the Child's Identity." Jean Perrot, professor emeritus, comparitive literature, University of Paris, and founder, Institut Internationale Charles Perrault, one of Europe's top centers for research in children's literature. Sponsors: education and child study; comparitive literature; Lecture Committee. 7:30 p.m., Seelye 207
I read this and think "What do i have Monday night?" b/c i know i have evening commitments Sun.-Thurs. Oh yeah, Self-Defense class; the one really unmissable evening commitment (esp. since i will be missing one night to go to a mandatory lecture for Bible class).

Edit: Planning ahead for Family Weekend, i learned that the Eric Carle Museum is gonna have a Chris Van Allsburg exhibit Nov. 20-March 13. *is excited*

Spot attendance check at my UMass class on Thursday and i wasn't on the roster print-out. That evening i checked Banner and it said i was registered as of September 15. I e-mailed the prof and he said "Well, there's no reason to believe the university's computers these days. I'd believe Smith's in a blink."

UMass doesn't do Fall Break, so the day i would be returning from Boston i have a 1pm class. Do i skip? There's not likely to be a spot attendance check (and we're allowed two free misses anyway), and i don't exactly learn much during lecture. Though i feel bad 'cause i'll be missing at least one more discussion section for Bible class.

hedy was absolutely right that summer internship reports were due 8/31, and yet today i got an e-mail: "The request for your final Praxis stipend was processed today and will be delivered to the Controller's Office. You should receive your second check in about two weeks. If you are currently active direct deposit for payroll, effective May 1, accounts payable payments, including your Praxis stipend, will also be direct deposited to that same account." Woot.

Have successfully registered to take the GRE the Saturday of Fall Break at 8:30 in the morning right near South Station. (Thank you so much for the working link, happymartian.) Really need to get in gear re: definitively selecting programs so i can obtain the appropriate application materials and all.

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