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holy fuck

I'd been checking mlb.com while doing homework and it was tied at 0 for a while and then suddenly it was 4-0 Red Sox. I didn't even hear screaming from my house, which is unusual.

I actually "watched" the last 2 batters of the game on the mlb.com pop-up and was all into the balls and the walks and the strikes and yelling (softly) at the game. Then people screamed and it hadn't updated so i wasn't sure if he'd struck-out or walked (the latter of which would have meant bases loaded at the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs and the Sox only ahead by 2 -- oh the tension) but fuck, 4-2, Game 6. Who'd have thought after Game 2 or 3 that we would have made it to Game 7 after all?

"gaaaaah. I don't think they're *capable* of not stringing us along til the very END" -lilithchilde
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