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I think the Sox deserved to win the American League series. The Yankees have won umpteen ALCS and World Series, so this hardly puts their merit in question. The Curse isn't lifted until we win the World Series, though. Not that i particularly believe in the Curse, i'm just pointing out for the sake of accuracy. Some people have said that if we break the curse there won't be any drama anymore and we'll just be another team. I dunno. I get sucked into caring about baseball in the post-season because of the Sox-Yankees rivalry. I care about us winning the World Series in the abstract, but mostly it's about beating the Yankees.

I was amused that the Subject line for the NYTimes-by-email was a headline about Game 7. (The e-mail headline is "Red Sox' Anguish and Yankees' Mystique Dissolve in Game 7" though the website headline is "Back From Dead, Red Sox Bury Yankees and Go to Series.")
They had been reliable caretakers of a cosmic curse, feasting for decades on the gift that kept on giving: Babe Ruth, purchased from the Boston Red Sox in 1920, and all the championship karma he brought with him.

The rules were very simple. The Yankees won and their rivals lost, often painfully, eternal justice for the worst trade in baseball history. The Red Sox still have not won a World Series in 86 years. But they got there last night, playing the Babe's game in the house that he built.


The Red Sox became the first team in baseball history to win a best-of-seven series after losing the first three games [...] In Game 4 on Sunday, the Yankees were three outs from a sweep. But Boston came back to win consecutive extra-inning showdowns [...]

The Yankees had done their best to channel their ghosts. Bucky Dent, who homered to slay the Red Sox in 1978, threw the ceremonial first pitch to Yogi Berra. The game was played on Mickey Mantle's birthday. George Steinbrenner, the impatient principal owner, showed up in the clubhouse some six hours before the first pitch, apparently spreading good cheer.


The Yankees had not lost four games in a row since April; Boston won three of the games in that streak.


It was actually happening. The nerd was kissing the homecoming queen. Paper was beating scissors; scissors were beating rock. Charlie Brown was kicking the football. The Red Sox were beating the Yankees for the American League pennant.
And from another article:
Only two North American sports teams had come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a series - the 1942 Maple Leafs against Detroit and the 1975 Islanders against Pittsburgh in a sport called hockey. Surely, you remember hockey.
I don't have a particular preference for the National League, but people in my house are rooting for the Astros, and that works for me. The idea of the World Series being seen as a parallel to the the Presidential Race (Massachusetts vs. Texas) makes me wanna puke, though. Primarily because i do not want to be affiliated with John Kerry in any way.

The amount of venom that gets thrown around when people talk about either sports or politics makes me want to curl up into a corner. Rational discourse: good. Personal insults: bad.

Last night instead of working on my papers i picked classes for next semester. I think i'm gonna take Skarda's Telling and Retelling instead of Donfried's Intro Bible: New Testament (they meet at the same time). I'm taking Nancy Bradbury's Folklore and Fakelore seminar. I'm taking "Religion and Imagination in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams" (Religion Department, Carol Zaleski). There's an ENG 490: Teaching Literature which is 2 hours every Monday night (which means no Lenten book study for me this spring) for MAT and Seniors only and i'm really excited about the prospect of doing that (though also intimidated, not gonna lie -- but if i really believe i can do graduate level work, well...). If i can't get in i'll just take 12 credits. I'm not gonna kill myself searching for another class to fit into my schedule when i have such a surplus of credits and pretty solid load anyway and it's my last undergrad semester ever.

P.S. There's a Philosophy seminar on Adam Smith that i would love to audit, and it's on a Tuesday while my English seminar is on a Thursday, so that's actually totally doable. Why yes i am a dork.
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