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in which Elizabeth is fannish about something other than Shakespeare again

yuletide is open for business again, with slightly different rules than in past years. Basically it's a rare fandom multi-fandom ficathon. I'm not participating, but interested parties should go check it out. It's just rare fandom this year, no rare pairings within popular fandoms. Until October 26 you can go and suggest fandoms (and characters therein) and then Nov. 1-8 sign-ups are open and you get to choose from everything that got suggested and it proceeds like a typical ficathon and all the stories get posted on Christmas Day.

I definitely took an extended break from work this evening to catch up on ats_nolimits.

Why won't my computer play the credits? I get "The file you are attempting to play has an extension that does not match the file format. Playing the file may result in unexpected behavior." and then "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The file is either corrupt or the Player does not support the format you are trying to play."Allie said she thought this episode was the best one yet. I was underwhelmed for most of it, because it was just a good solid regular episode. A very good episode yes -- settling into the swing of things, Monster of the Week, still building up the arc and developing characters, and damn, these people have a way with words -- it just wasn't a blockbuster "Best episode yet" (definitely didn't top the hysterical Episode 2: Tremor by Wolfling and Mad Poetess). But then it got very interesting. And then there was the end and i was glad that i was so late in reading the episode that the next one had already been posted.
"Why does it always have to be the basement?" Gunn asked as he followed more slowly. "And why does this place's basement have a basement?"

"Because that's where the monsters live," Angel said.
Damn the lady can write. Now this may be the best episode yet. (Though yes Allie, of course it wasn't up for consideration when you made your Episode 3 statement.)
"Gear yourself up for the end then find out you might not've even hit the middle. It's not easy. Endings are nice, simple. Being forced to stick around is what takes it out of you."
Jonah's still working his way through Buffy and i enjoy dorking out with him in the rare times that we're both on AIM, though it's been so long since i've watched this stuff that i sometimes have difficulty talking details. He showed me a bb thread wherein someone had listed all 144 episodes in order of how good this person thought they were, and we discussed. There are so many factors involved that any rankings are problematic, especially getting as specific as individual episodes, but the discussion was still interesting. He asked me which 3 episodes i would place at the very bottom. There are entire arcs i dislike, but i think all the eps have good parts to them, them so in some ways it comes down to which episodes were least good. As i was attempting to list them i realized that i look more harshly upon episodes that could have been really good but failed than i do on missable throwaway standalone eps. So my hesitant list is Dead Man's Party, Doublemeat Palace, As You Were.

Oh, and jumping to an entirely different universe, after the ALCS i told sarah_p "it makes me sad that so many Sox fans are making the fandom look bad by being total bastards about the win" and jrs1980 said "Heh. There's a Red Sox fandom? Do they have slash fic and all that good stuff?" and my immediate reaction was to laugh because i had just meant the fans in general but fandom terms have invaded my vocabulary, but then i remembered a comment i had seen earlier in the day: "Can you believe it's been a year since we were angsting about last year's playoffs and writing baseball slash?" So yeah, theboysofsummer for anyone who's interested. (It's baseball fic, not just Red Sox.)

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