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::stunned silence::

Yeah, i'm a little late to the party. I got distracted by a hall party.

Funny thing, there was more screaming when we beat the Yankees. This feels anticlimactic in a way. Also, surreal.
In case you haven't read it elsewhere, the Red Sox are setting us up for the perfect heart break. (First MLB team to come back 0-3; first MLB team to blow 3-0 lead after coming back from 0-3).
-Sam, after World Series Game 3
And yet, they didn't do that. In fact they swept the series -- winning 8 consecutive post-season games (a new record, apparently). This is not the Red Sox. Where is the heartbreak? Ripping defeat from the jaws of vistory?

There was a full lunar eclipse. Clearly the apocalypse is nigh. (And entire generations can die happy now.)

I know i said earlier that there will always be the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, that that's what i really get into, but it really is the end of an era with the Curse being broken. It feels like a lot of the tension and drive is evaporated -- like when you have a rubber band that gets so pulled and twisted and then finally you let go and it snaps back and it just hangs there and there's no power. But maybe this is just because i personally feel so weary and because i feel dissociated from the whole thing due to the fact that i've been buried in homework and everything.

[At study break tonight we were talking about how the World Series, unlike the World Cup, does not actually include the world and i pointed out that after American League and National League you run out of adjectives for the Series. Emma said it should be called the Big Series.]

P.S. The next person to relate the World Series results to the Presidential election gets a smackdown (except not, because likely the next person will be Donfried).
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