Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"cuz when i look at you i squint you are that beautiful"

There are boys floating around the house and i actually kinda enjoy this.

My paper is coming together, though it's going in directions i hadn't expected which is in some ways making it more challenging.

I lurve my mommy.

I really like that i have ideas for fic that are actual involved plotty things with character development and chapters and stuff, not just one-offs of what i think is hot. [Not that there isn't hotness involved, there's just plot, too. I'm definitely maturing as a writer]

I'd been very "I hate people" for much of the past few days because of what election insanity does to people ('cause my opinion of humanity en masse was already so high, right?) and also because schoolwork and grad apps are stressful. But i'm actually feeling really good right now. Quite possibly the massive amounts of sugar in my system, but whatever.

Trick-or-treating was fun (P.S. Mom, i'm using your bowl to hold my candy :) ) and when i get the pictures of me as a mobster i'll post them. Note to self: purchase discounted Halloween candy. My plan for the week is grad stuff ('cause i need to get stuff to my recommenders) and then Shakespeare paper on the weekend (it's just a close reading of Lear) and then the rest of the month will be heavily grad stuff, with some final paper stuff as well 'cause grad stuff needs to be done by Thanksgiving so i don't wholly die in the 2 weeks following it with all my final papers. (Thurs. Dec. 9 after i come back from UMass i get to bliss out, though, because barring extensions i will be done with everything save the Bible final which will be cake.)

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