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Is this what it feels like to be a fountain of grace?

"You always say it best." -quasisonic

"Thank you." -bella_loki

"I love you. Thanks for helping to keep me sane through all this." -sk8eeyore

"I'm a bit more peaceful now, after reading this, which I think will help me sleep." -akronohten

(We talked about grace last week at RCFOS, about giving and receiving it, about the unexpected light in the dark place -- and i referenced Seamus Heaney’s “Skylight”.)

Knowing that i was such a grace to other people is such a grace to me.

[Writing a paper was totally better than watching election coverage, though i ended up refreshing the CNN page -- too late i learned of the c-span map -- with some regularity, and of course if i hadn’t been writing a paper i could have just gone to bed at a decent hour. Anyway, my paper has not been read over to check for coherency, excessive repetition, etc., but it is done.]

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