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Why Bush?

An acquaintance posted "but who are the millions of people who voted for bush? and what the mother fuck were they thinking? really, what?" and i thought, "Do you really want an answer to that?" and recalled an e-mail my father had sent about whom the various people he reads were supporting for President. Many either didn't publicly state or were not voting. Many were voting reluctantly, being far from enamored with either candidate. Many had thoughtful reasons for voting for Bush. I couldn't easily find statements of Why for many of the people (e.g. Glenn Reynolds, Eugene Volokh, both of whom are very much worth reading in general) but i found some.

Virginia Postrel talks about on what Bush vs. not-Bush boils down to, and answers the question How can you vote for a guy like Bush?

"Jane Galt" (Megan McArdle) finally made up her mind after a lengthy round of discussion in her blog.
Connvince me (This also links to a piece in a Daniel Drezner series.)
Convince Me Question 1: For Kerry supporters
Convince Me Question 2: For Bush supporters
Convince Me: Question 3 -- For Kerry Supporters
Convince Me Question 4: For Bush Supporters
Convince Me Question 5: for Kerry supporters
Convince Me Question 6: For Bush supporters
Convince Me Question 7: For supporters of both candidates
Who? Who? Who?
Debate thread: Bush and Kerry

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