Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"the world's not falling apart, because of me..."

i love my country
by which i mean
i am indebted joyfully
to all the people throughout its history
who have fought the government to make right

-Ani DiFranco, "Grand Canyon"
every adult before me, surely, has felt at some time that they alone could see the US was foolishly tearing itself to pieces. surely in four more years we'll all be alive, and it won't have been that bad...?

surely, thought i, the world is not ending permanently. surely, thought i, the world has ended before.
I was really pleased to see my flist today filled with people resolving to stay and fight. Not that i don't understand the urge and sometimes necessity to just give up at times (hello my recent sabbatical from politics) but leaving the country in the hands of those who disagree with you, without your dissent to balance them out, [and we know how important i think it is for everyone to engage with people with whom they disagree] when one of your big concerns is that this administration you have so many problems with is such a world power... yeah, not so much. Like i said, i totally understand the instinct to run away and hide, and i'm not trying to cut short anyone's period of mourning, i'm just looking forward to when people have recovered and resume fighting the good fight (in a respectful manner, of course).

I was also really taken aback by the intensity of emotion on my flist. I just don't have the fear and loathing that many people do. I realized at some point last night that if i woke up in the morning and there was a definite winner (and i was hoping for that) i would think, wearily and somewhat gratefully, "Well, at least it wasn't the other guy." Not that i don't understand where people are coming, from, i just don't personally connect to that intensity.

(Oh, and i didn't vote Libertarian for President, ‘cause Badnarik is crazy. "Jane Galt"/Megan McArdle has blogged about this. Why aren't I voting for Badnarik? Why I am not voting for Badnarik, Part II)

I really wish people had taken that angry energy from the 2000 election and channeled it into getting rid of the electoral college. I figured out today what my ideal for the system would be. I would like Election Day to be a day that everyone has off from work/school, maximizing ease of voting. I would like the vote to be popular vote. I would like the results announced one week later, with a moratorium on exit polls etc. for that one week. (The ballot counters wouldn't be quarantined like jurors, but would be forbidden from talking about any of the ballots they had counted.)

I really like Marauder's analogy about America's two political parties (not necessarily specific candidates):
America's two major political parties are like Snape and Sirius. They have a lot of the same goals, but at the same time they have some important ones that are very different. There are times when I love them and times when I get frustrated with them. Most of the time I wish they would just be quiet for a little bit and make an effort to understand each other, even if they still won't agree afterwards. Both of them have been known to overreact and do rash things. For the most part I understand why they feel the way they do, even if I think they're acting like idiots.

Last November when the Massachusetts Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in my state, my father worried that it was too much too soon, that there would be a backlash. The fact that 11 states banned same-sex marriages this November indicates he was right.

Eugene Volokh suspects that the Ohio same-sex marriage measure may have brought enough conservatives to the polls to make the difference in the Presidential election.

This makes me sad, but i really think that eventually we'll win. Maybe we'll have to go more slowly, but i really think eventually same-sex marriages will be as little of an issue as interracial marriages are now. Yes, this is me the girl who's usually a cynical bitch with little faith in people en masse. I'm not sure en masse is the way to win this thing, but talking to people and meeting them where they are and being respectful and showing them that the queers aren't scary and don't actually threaten them... people will come around.

P.S. I love you, marginaliana.

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